What procrastination looks like

Binge watching Agent Carter, reading all my old posts and fixing all the labels on my blog, watching you tube videos with James. Then the universe kicks me in the butt:

#38 in A Year of Writing Dangerously by Barbara Abercrombie:  Ideal Conditions.  The jist is you may only have thirty minutes in your very full and busy day in which to write or the converse, too much time, too much quiet and you still only fit in thirty minutes of writing in your day.  Doesn't matter which, you're output will still be the same.  So "Either way -- with no time or too much time -- decide how long you'll write. Decide and then do it."

#46 Frou Frou: "It's all frou frou - the dreams, the fantasies of writing, of publishing poems or books or essays; it's all just a lot of wishing--unless you write something down.  Remember this: There is nothing until there is something on the page."

This week's writing prompt:  Write about the time you were in a jam.  Could be me or could be my main character in my latest WIP.   Hmm!  Being stuck on a bridge comes to mind. Symbolically or physical?  Off I go to see what I'm going to do with it.  

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