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Hey Sonic fans, your old friend here and today, we are taking a look at the final issue of the Tangle and Whisper miniseries after so much delay. So lets get going...!

Miniseries Recap:

So here's the story so far. Following the battle with Metal Sonic at the Floating Island in Year 1 of IDW Sonic, Tangle went back home to her village and was soon getting bored until she reunited with Whisper who was in the midst of chasing down Mimic, a rogue working for Eggman after betraying her old team The Diamond Cutters. Tangle volunteered to help Whisper and the girls went after him together, pursuing Mimic to an old Eggman base, things went south as Mimic nearly got them both destroyed by blowing up the base. Nonetheless, they survived and Mimic didn't notice. After things settled for a bit, Whisper told Tangle her backstory and laid out the plan to defeat the evil shapeshifter, leading up to this story...

The issue kicks off with Tangle and Whisper assembling at the Diamond Cutter's old base, ready for the final showdown with Mimic, who showed up with back up in the form of Eggman's robot army. After an exchange of words between the girls, the battle begins as they start shooting down robots. As for Mimic, he's already gotten inside the base. Whisper tells Tangle to go deal with Mimic and when Tangle comes face to face with Mimic in the base, the shapeshifter turns into Sonic and claims he's here to help. Pretending to fall for his trick, Tangle leads him to a room and activates some Diamond Cutter recording holograms and the holograms taunt him.

Tangle fights Mimic and while the octopus puts up a good fight, he's no match in the end. When Whisper and her wisps arrive, thats when the fight goes in Team Tangle/Whisper's favor and they soon have Mimic on the ropes and they pin him down and manage to contain him, even when Mimic tries to shape-shift into different forms such as Eggman, Vector and Smithy the Lion. You know? That scene almost reminds me of the ending of Terminator 2 where the T-1000 ended up in molten steel and shape-shifted into a bunch of different things/people before being completely destroyed. The only difference? Mimic the shapeshifter i.e organic & furry T-1000 does not get "killed off" as Whisper's about to shoot him when Tangle stops him and suggests they lock him up.

So they do just that... at Tails' workshop inside a nice cage prison created by Tails himself with the two tailed fox assuring them he will never get out. Mimic, being stubborn like all villains, boasts that he will get out eventually, given that he's been locked up in Eggman prisons a few times and has always gotten out Scott-free. Either way, Tangle and Whisper's mission is accomplished, the past is behind Whisper and the Diamond Cutter team can rest in peace. The story and the miniseries ends with the girls fist bumping and parting ways for a while until "The Last Minute" arc in the Metal Virus saga happening in the main IDW Sonic comic.

Final thoughts:
This issue and the miniseries was amazing, it did a fine job telling a compelling story and had lots of great character moments (as well as character development), epic action scenes, comedic beats and a really heartwarming ending as well as a really good villain. Will we get another miniseries like this in the future? I dunno, time will tell, time will tell.

Anyways, James M the CrazyGamerHistorian1999 signing off...


  1. Nice review! Maybe you can review in the future the Archie Sonic related miniseries (Princess Sally, Tails, Knuckles, Sonic Quest).


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