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Greetings everyone, CrazyGamerHistorian1999 here, IDW Sonic the Hedgehog issue 24 has released and Year 2 of the comic has come to an end, but the nightmare that is the Zombot Metal Virus situation continues and things getting more dire and serious for Sonic and his friends. Let us have a moment of silence to honor another one of Sonic's friends who has fallen victim to this horrific event.

*Moment of Silence*

Now, without delay, let us summarize the issue...


Following the events of Issues 21, 22 and 23, Sonic travels to Spiral Hill Village (Tangle the Lemur's home town), a place he hadn't visited since issue four, where the Metal Virus has struck and most of Sonic's friends are trying to handle the situation by holding off the robot zombie horde long enough to gather any survivors and get them to safety.
Sonic meets up with Espio and helps him fight off some Zombots before the ninja, just like Shadow in the Crisis City two-parter, criticizes Sonic for letting Eggman/Mr. Tinker go in Windmill Village, despite the blue hedgehog's protests. You know, Sonic, it doesn't hurt to take criticism from time to time even if it can come off as a bit too harsh!

After chatting with Espio about the situation and meeting up with Whisper, who is playing her part in fighting off Zombots and protecting civilians from getting infected, Sonic meets up with Tails, Amy, Cream and Gemerl. Amy is thrilled to see Sonic, who tells Tails that the data recorder got smashed when he encountered Eggman in Barricade Town. The two tailed fox sadly shrugs it off. Sonic notices that Cream looks a bit down before learning that her mum fell victim to the Metal Virus. As the blue hedgehog runs off, Gemerl informs Amy that Sonic's speed is starting to lose its ability to hold off the infection any longer.

Sonic meets with Tangle, who actually got a drop of the Metal Virus and is slooooowly becoming a Zombot but not before she managed to imprison an infected Jewel the Beetle in a glass cage in the museum. The two heroes team up to fight Zombots and use Tangle's tail to trap a group of them in a makeshift tripwire before Sonic heads off to the Restoration rendezvous point, leaving the lemur to do battle with more Zombots before she succumbs to the infection, becoming a Zombot.
Arriving back at the rendezvous point, Sonic tells the others about what has happened to Tangle, much to the dismay of Whisper who has to be held back by her own Wisps. Sonic's friends board and take off with Sonic atop the shuttle, hitching a ride like he would on the Tornado whenever he and Tails make use of the plane.

Meanwhile, aboard the Faceship, Starline talks with Doctor Eggman about if the doctor has a solution to the ongoing problem only for Eggman to dismiss Starline, saying he has it under control. The issue ends with Starline using the Warp Topaz to bring Zavok and his gang aboard, setting his plan in motion and ending the issue as well as Year Two of IDW Sonic on a dark and ominous note!

This issue, though it was decent, was more darker than ever, with the situation getting more dire, Sonic's speed no longer being enough and Tangle becoming a Zombot. Ian Flynn is a fantastic writer and knows when to raise the stakes for a storyline in a comic book during a major conflict. The artwork is incredible, spot on in every way.
Year Two really shook up the status quo for the Sonic comics, while the status quo for the comics has changed numerous times throughout Sonic's long history, this is different as the hedgehog is fighting for his life against robot zombies and this is nothing compared to when he fought crazy wizards, powerful gods of destruction and insane genies bent on taking over the universe.
Don't forget, in this continuity, the gang just went through a war with Eggman where the mad doctor took over the world for a time as seen in 2017's Sonic Forces the game.

This issue gets an 8/10.
Is there no end to this nightmare in sight, is there at least any hope left? What's next after the Metal Virus saga and will this comic finally bring in familiar faces from Archie Sonic and other Sonic media? Also, can't SEGA finally cease being super protective of its I.P and lift those weird mandates that make no sense? Whatever happened during the time of Archie Sonic is over, the infamous Sonic 06 is a thing of the past and times have changed, SEGA needs to calm down.

I happily close out this review and say see you later to you all!
Bye now.

-James M


  1. Nice review, the next issue - IDW Sonic #25 - is the first IDW Sonic milestone issue.


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