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My day to work at the shop. The guys called me a dozen times. James is upset because he can't find his New Super Mario Bros ds game which he hasn't played since 2012.   I tell both him and hubby, I will find it when I get home.  But we have already looked everywhere they say.  Of course, these guys are notorious for looking, but not everywhere.  They seem to have a thing about not looking underneath or in things.

I get home, search through James room, asking all the while if they went through the whole box of games in the garage.  Yeah, kind of, sorta maybe. Why don't you check, they eventually say.

So I go through every single game case and find in the middle of the pack, the game in a different case.  I give hubby a look and he says, well it was hot, at least 103 in the garage.   


Don't be discouraged. It's often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock. ~Author Unknown

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  1. JMM says,
    "The casing cover for the game was easy to find, it turned out I put the cartridge for the game IN the MARIO KART DS casing and forgot about it. Brainfart!"


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