Sunday Salon Chit Chat

Oh my goodness, where did July go?  This month zoomed by and I don't feel like we got anything accomplished life wise.  Blog and writing goals wise, I'm zooming online.  I've posted every single day of the month. Albeit a little late in the afternoon some days.  I've established daily themes with plenty of flexibility built in so I don't have to stick to that daily theme if I have something else to chat about.  I'm playing with art and poetry and having fun.

The one thing I haven't done is work on Eyes in the Ashes. I seem to be stuck in a nonfiction mode.  Or is that just an excuse?  Am I still percolating or has it moved on to procrastinating.  Why am I having trouble with fiction?  The book I'm reading currently - Fire Up Your Writing Brain says to write down and clarify your intentions about why you want to work on this piece.  Find your reasons.  Find your passion. Be sure of your passion.  

I'm not feeling really passionate about Eyes in the Ashes at the moment so what do I need to do to get that back?  Immerse myself in the story, immerse myself in fiction writing. Do prompts every day. Fill my notebook with ideas and story lines. Talk to my characters and listen to what they have to say.  I know what I have to do for Eyes in the Ashes and realize it is going to be a lot of work. Fun work.  I know there are ideas in the back of my brain just waiting for me to pull them out.  And yes, I will clarify my intentions.

Speaking of intentions, I just saw the most beautiful video of the Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah rewritten following the events of Easter.  Impossible to watch without choking up.  Enjoy!

Happy Sunday! 

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