July Reading Wrap Up

Goodbye July!  The month went by way too fast. You'd  think with the birthstone of the month being a short simple stone - Ruby - I'd be able to finish off the task quite quickly.   However, I did read two non fiction books, both which took time. Fire Up Your Writing Brain took a bit of time because I started reading through it again, sharing information discovered with hubby and son and taking lots of notes.  Once again the majority of stories read are paranormals, my go to genre.  Stats wise, I read twelve books with the majority in e book form. My eyes are getting older and finding it impossible to read some books, especially the Wheel of Times series in physical form since the lettering is so small. 

R: The Rook - Daniel O'Malley.  A dusty paranormal book that's been in my virtual files for quite a while.   The lead character wakes up with amnesia and discovered letters written by her former self, explaining her life and the secret organization she's involved in.  Someone is trying to kill her and she needs to find out who before they are successful.  

U: Fire Up Your Writing Brain - Susan Reynolds.  Wonderful book on the neuroscience of writing and to train your brain to be more productive.  

B:  The Beautiful Mystery - Louise Penny.     Number eight in the detective series takes place in a cloistered monastery.  One of the monks is killed and it's up to Gamache and Jean Guy to solve the murder. In the process, many personal unresolved issues from the past surface for both the men.   Out of all the Inspector Gamache books, this one really captured my attention and I wanted to read it all over again after I finished it.  However, I immediately had to read #9 How the Light Gets In to discover what happened after.  

Y:  The Year of Yes - Shonda Rhimes.  The writer and producer of Grey's Anatomy is used to saying no to any invitation outside of work. When confronted and challenged by her sister to say yes, she begins her year of yes and talks about how it changes all the relationships in her life and the impact on her.  

A Crown of Swords - Robert Jordan (#7 Wheel of time, fantasy, 902, e) 
Fated - Benedict Jacka  (#1 Alex Verus, Paranormal, 302, e)
One Salt Sea - Seanan McGuire (#5 October Day, Paranormal, 368,e)
Dawn - Octavia Butler (#1 Xenogenesis, science fiction, 256, e)

How the Light Gets In - Louise Penny (#9 Inspector Gamache, mystery, 545, e)
Light in Shadow - Jayne Ann Krentz (#1 Whispering Springs, psychological mystery, 365, e)
Ill Wind - Nevada Barr (#3 Anna Pidgeon, mystery, 309) 

Journaling Towards Wholeness - Molly Totoro (nonfiction, 139, e)
Let's Write a Short Story - Joe Bunting (nonfiction, 108, e)

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