Sunday Salon: Comedy of Errors

Happy Sunday!  The past week have been quite hectic.  The air conditioner blew on hubby's Chevy.  I don't know how folks deal with being one car families.  You have to  coordinate everything you do and end up spending lots of time in the car.  We dealt with it pretty well until things went to heck Friday. We received a call at 7:00 am from the security company telling us our business phone lines were down. The landlord has been doing a lot of construction about the shopping center and a few weeks back managed to cut our phone lines. We thought they did it again so didn't worry about it too much until my technician texts to tell me all four lines are down. 

We call the phone company fix it guy who says to report it again to AT&T before he can be dispatched. Because it took them a week or more last time to do anything, I decided to order a cell phone from Verizon and pick it up locally.   Since we expect the mechanic to call and let us know the car will be ready sometime on Friday, hubby and James pile in the car to come with me to work.  Hubby goes looking for the cut phone lines and discovers two other businesses in the center have lost their lines as well.  He calls the phone company who won't be able to have anyone out there for another two weeks. Hair pulling time.  The car and the phone are ready for pick up so off we go. Drop off the guys at the mechanic, I drop by Verizon to pick up the new phone, then go back to the shop and change all the voicemail messages so folks know to call the back up line. Couple hours later, hubby says the car is hissing, part of the repair has gone bad and he has to take the car back. Oy!  

Saturday morning, we are all up early. Hubby drives car to mechanic, I jump into the shower because its my turn to man (or woman), err, work at the shop and have to be there at 11:00.  Then race out to pick up hubby at mechanic, drive him home and then go to work.  Owner of auto shop is embarrassed because his mechanic screwed up one of the lines and sorry for the inconvenience, proceeds to get it done even though they are usually closed on Saturday.  After work, I drive home, pick up the boys and off to the garage we go. After dropping them off, it's time to do the grocery shopping.  Home, dinner, then crash instead of our nightly 2.5 mile walk because I'm pooped.  

Our landlord calls today to let us know the phone company repair guy showed up and ready for this - the phone lines had been cut and removed.  Copper thieves are at it again.

The next time our security company calls to say they've lost signal, we're telling them to dispatch the police.  Fortunately they were able to repair it today and tomorrow, God willing, all four phone lines will be working properly.  Keep your fingers crossed.  

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