Get Back on the Scale

Day 15 since I started posting and almost halfway through the month.  I've posted every single day. I've managed to get up an hour earlier almost every day, work on morning pages, dabble a bit with poetry and prompts.  Even with all life's stresses, I'm not letting it get in the way of writing and posting.  As I told hubby the other day, I've given myself the month of June to get back into writing, then I'll tackle Eyes in the Ashes and editing.

More insight from Fierce on the Page.  I think we can all relate to avoiding the bathroom scale. Cohen sees a similarity between the scale and writing in Chapter 34:

"Because I bet you the chai tea latte I skipped this morning that you are avoiding something in your writing with as much dedication and justification as I was avoiding my scale. You can't manage what you don't measure, as the old adage goes.  And by putting your head in the sand, you are depriving yourself of opportunities to meet your writing life head-on.  

But the truth is also the very best medicine.  Facing every dusty corner  of your broken promises and sloppy habits is your best hope for creating the writing life you want.  If fact, chances are good that as it simmered in your file cabinet, the plot know in your abandoned story may have simply untangled itself and now you know how to resolve it.

It's never too late to get back on the scale, measure how you're living up to your goals for your writing life, and then take informed action.  Buddha reportedly said, 'what you are is what you have been.  What you'll be is what you do now.'

Re-evaluate your goal....Or maybe it's time to recommit to your writing practice and find new strategies for making the writing time happen..."

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