Creative jump start!

Good bye June. You went by much too fast.  Tomorrow marks the beginning of July and the start of a new month and Jennifer Blanchard's Recharge Your Batteries in 31 Days journey. 

Jennifer says " This recharge is about getting yourself on track to becoming a badass creative person."  Well, I'm all for that since my creativity needs a recharge.

To get the most out of this Creative Recharge, you’ll want to have the following:
  • An Open Mind—I can’t express how important this is. Without an open mind, you’re not going to accomplish much of anything. Some of the tips/tasks are going to seem strange to you, even downright weird, but if you keep an open mind and attempt them anyhow, you’ll see the point.
  • A Commitment—to yourself and to completing the 31-day challenge. Sure, you could continue to make excuses for why you can’t, but you will never, ever reach any of your goals that way.
  • A Willingness to Share—you will get more out of this challenge if you comment on the posts and share them with other creative people that you know. Leaving comments around the day’s challenge and sharing with other people will help you get your questions answered, see how other writers are doing and assist you in implementing the tip/challenge into your day.

I'm jumping in wholeheartedly with an open mind, no excuses and willing to do the daily challenges no matter what they are. *gulp*    Who wants to join me?

Plus round 3 of a Round of Words in 80 days is starting July 2nd and vow to do a better job of stating clear, specific goals and working hard to meet them. 

I watched Neil Gaiman's commencement speech to the class of 2012 at the University of the Arts yesterday and he had several wise things to say including:

"Be wise, because the world needs more wisdom. And if you cannot be wise, pretend to be someone wise, and then just behave like they would."

Off to do something creative!  

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