Row80 Round 4 Check in #1 - contemplating

I haven't accomplished much in the past two days.  I got a bit distracted online while checking out the goals for the other participants. I didn't get very far because you never quite know when you check out someone's blog where it is going to take you.  As I came to the end of my studies for my Bachelor degree earlier in the year, thoughts of going on for my Master's degree rolled through my brain.  Did I want to go on to get a Master's in Liberal Arts, Literature or perhaps creative writing. Which lead to researching MFA's and discovering there are a lot of folks who have strong feelings about them - pro and con.  Just today I came across an excellent post by Eric Wyatt - To MFA or not and  asks the question:  “What do you want to do with the degree?".  Contemplating the answer.

Which lead to thinking about perhaps just dipping my toes in the water and taking some online creative writing courses before committing to a Master's program. Plus why couldn't I just come up with my own private creative writing program like an MFA without the major expense.  But where would I begin?  So, a couple days back with the start of Round 4 of Row80, I dropped in on Gabi who has decided to join in the fun.  Synchronicity.  She just started DYI MFA - Do it yourself Degree in Creative Writing.   *sigh*   The first two steps take stock of where you are starting from and put together your reading list.That I can do. I love the blogosphere!

Round 4 is off to a rockin start - check out the party here.


  1. I think you could certainly create your own MFA program without having to spend all that money....Good Luck1

  2. Awesome that things seemed to fall into place. Only you can decided which way to go. :)

    There are MFA programs that have limited residency -- some of which are highly regarded. I know two people who when that way. One in his 20s and one in his 50s. Neither was sorry he spent the time and money.

  3. Yes, with this challenge, I've discovered many additional things about the blogosphere. Like Beta readers. I had no idea what they were...and, of course, Googled the term.

    Of course I used readers with my previous five novels, but they were real people in my real world.

    I'm still trying to discover how to find these mysterious Beta readers. I posted about needing them and found two. Now I'm at an impasse. I need at least one more for one of my WIPs.

    But I'm writing groups?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, and enjoy your contemplations. As you can see, I'm doing the same, but about different things.

  4. I'm glad you found the DIYMFA site because I was going to recommend it! Gabi's a good friend of mine and her advice on writing is fantastic.

    If you're still contemplating the degree, I think taking a class first is a good idea. I have an MFA and it was really useful for me but depending on what you want out of it, writing classes might do the trick and be a lot cheaper.

  5. Best of luck deciding on which way to go with studying. It's hard choosing the right one.

  6. I wanted a MFA in Creative Writing too. But my husband asks me the same thing "What do you want to do with that degree" and I don't have an answer. He keeps reminding me that I don't need a MFA to write ... But to would be nice to a diploma on my wall lol
    So far, that idea is paused.
    I took a few online creative writing courses, though they certainly aren't like a real MFA ...
    Anyway, nice to have you on board!
    Good luck =)

  7. Sounds like some great goals. That online MFA sounds great and I'm going to check it out as well. With four kids I can't afford money or time to head back to school. But online I can do. :)


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