Round 4 of A Round of Words in 80 Days

It's October already and only 15 more weeks left to the year and the last round of A Round of Words in 80 Days is beginning.  I finished the first draft of Red Thief during the last round which I'm quite happy about.   I'm going to let it rest while I get back into another story I started last year.  A bit too long to let it sit and fester on the shelf, leaving my poor characters in a state of limbo.  This round is going to be all about world building, getting to know my characters better, outlining the story and as Lazette Gifford suggests in  rewriting the beast look at the big problems first before getting into the minutia of the story.  I've decided not to do NaNoWriMo this year, even though I have a Detective by the name of Donovan knocking about in my head asking me to tell his story.  Don't know where he came from - he just sort of popped into my head, wandering down a dark, dank, hallway looking for a murderer.  Hmm!

My goal for this week will be to set up and start a Novel Bible for Eyes in the Ashes.  I want to complete characters sheets for Layla and Paul who turned out to play bigger parts in the story than expected.  I'll be working on their back story as well as getting into more detail with my main characters Isabella and Gregory.   After reading Natalie Whipple's Pros and Cons of Character sheets, I decided not to be overly ambitious and will stick with the 4 characters this week, hoping to complete one per day.

Check out how all the new and returning rowers and give them some encouragement.

Plus we going to have a party, virtually that is on twitter on October 5th.  There's going to be all kinds of things going on:

On October 5th, the #ROW80 hashtag is going to light up like the stage at a teen rock concert. There’s going to a be a 24-hour celebration for:
Party Details:
  • Theme: “Rock the Row”
    However you want to work that in is great. I leave it to your outrageously creative imagination!
  • Date: October 5th, 12:01 AM to 11:59 PM ET in the U.S.
    This also happens to be the first day of check-in so there should be a ton of ROW80 fun happening around the blogosphere.
  • Party will be held at the #ROW80 hashtag.
    Fire up your Tweet Deck or HootSuite and let’s get jiggy with it.
  • Photo Competition:
    You can start now…we won’t tell. Start digging for or taking photos that reflect the theme. We’ll do our best to gather them and decide on the best to spotlight in a post at the ROW80 blog. Once the readers vote, the 1st place winner gets a copy of Kait Nolan’s latest book, Red, in e-book format!! (And maybe some others–updates coming)
  • Friendly Blog Competition
    We will also post a mash-up of favorite ROCK THE ROW posts at the Row80 blog.


  1. Sounds like you've given Round 4 lots of thought. WTG!

    All the best with your goals.

    Enjoy the party!

  2. Hi Robin! This is the first I've seen your new header...It's very pretty. I have no idea how I'll creatively blog about 'rocking-the-round' I'd better get to brainstorming. Good to see you. ~ Nadja

  3. Robin - I also wanted to tell you that I really appreciated the links you featured. I will be linking back to you and to Natalie's blog on Wednesday. Thanks for sharing that post! ~ Nadja

  4. Good luck with your goals. I look forward to getting to know you during round 4 :)

  5. I admire your ability to write this story!! I can't wait until one day I'm able to read it!

  6. Good luck! It looks like you have some well-thought-out goals.


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