Lumby on the Air by Gail Fraser

Lumby on the Air


Gail Fraser

Back Cover:  "Pam and Mark Walker are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary with a week-long family reunion and a ceremony renewing their vows. Mark breezily dismisses Pam’s misgiving about temporarily closing Montis Inn and heads off to the county fair, to try his hand at both chainsaw sculpting and sheep shearing, with chaotic--and hilarious--results. Meanwhile, Pam juggles her thrill-seeking mother, who has a new “friend with benefits,” and her non-conformist niece, who posts family secrets in her online blog . Then Mark’s brother-in-law starts broadcasting his radio talk show live from Montis Inn. His remarks disparaging small-town life cause immediate rifts, especially when he sides with a real estate developer who wants to turn Lumby into a Las Vegas version of Aspen. As the controversy pits family against family, and neighbor against neighbor, will the spirit that defines Lumby triumph once again?"

Lumby on the Air is the 5th book in the Lumby series by Gail Fraser.  Great as a stand alone and read in order of the series, Lumby on the Air continues with Pam and Mark Walker and their exploits running the Montis Inn.   Unbeknown to Mark, Pam has invited his sister Lynn to the reunion.  His sister's ex-husband had embezzled money from Mark and his business and he hasn't see Lynn since the trial.  Pam's mother surprises her when she arrives with her boyfriend whom she's been living with for the past year.    Mark's other sister arrives with her husband, Carter, a radio shock jock who proceeds to turn the living room into his own personal recording studio.  And his older brother's daughter arrives bringing her two laptops, various recording devices and an attitude.  If you think your family is dysfunctional, you'll really appreciate them after reading this story.    

You'll laugh at the exploits of Mark when he enters several competitions for the county fair:  bull obstacle, sheep shearing, buzz saw sculpture and making a duct tape models, despite the fact he doesn't have any experience doing any of them.   Plus you have Hank, the pink flamingo in all his glory showing up everywhere. 

Lumby on the Air is a very endearing story about families and learning to get along, life lessons, character, forgiveness and love.  Escape into the town and with the characters of Lumby and you'll be glad you did. 

Lumby Series

1.  The Lumby Lines
2.  Stealing Lumby
3.  Lumby's Bounty
4.  The Promise of Lumby
5.  Lumby on the Air

Thank you to Caitlin of FSB Associates for providing me with a courtesy copy of the book. 

Pages:  496
Publisher:  New American Library
Released:  July 6, 2010

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