Libri Multus - new to me author edition

M.J. Rose's The Reincarnationist:  Interesting thriller mixing modern day with ancient times.  Photographer Josh Ryder catches a terrorist bombing in progress and is injured in the blast.  He starts suffering flashbacks and experiencing the memories of characters from ancient Rome.  Somehow, it all ties in with his life in the present.  He uses the memories to dig deeper into the past and solve the mysteries in the present.  Full of twists and turns and surprises.  The book started a little slow and I shelved it a couple times before going back to it a third time.   The third time was the charm.  Not a book that can be read in small chunks.  To really get into the story, needed to sit down and dive into it.  Book 1 in The Reincarnationist series followed by The Memorist and The Hypnotist.  

Audrey Niffenegger's The Time Traveler's Wife:  When I first started this time traveling love story, wasn't sure was going to like it, but it sucked me in.  Henry is a librarian and has chronic displacement order which simply means he can't stay in one time or place.  He randomly jumps time and where ever he travels to must quickly find clothing and a safe place until he figures out where he is.  He falls in love with Claire.  Over a period of time he meets her starting when she is 6 years old and eventually they meet in real time.  He meets himself periodically and his older self even  stands in for himself at his own wedding when nervousness causes him to leap.   Very interesting story and now I want to see the movie.

Robin Parrish's Offworld:  A christian paranormal story about a group of 4 astronauts returning home after 2 years to find that everyone, including all the animals has disappeared.  They try to figure out what happened.  When they discover a huge bright light shining up and over the city of Houston, they decide to go see what is causing it.  Along the way, they run into a young homeless girl name Mae.  They can't understand why she is the only one around and what her presence means.  They discover they just might not be as alone as they thought, when something or someone keeps trying to stop them from reaching Houston.  Excellent story and once you start reading it, won't want to put it down.

Toni McGee Causey's Charmed and Dangerous:  Toni's first book in the Bobby Faye series. Bobby Faye is bad luck.  Everything she touches breaks and something is always going wrong.  Poor girl is having a hard day. She wakes up to water overflowing from her washing machine, flooding her trailer to discover her brother has been kidnapped by a drug overlord. He wants something she has and she better get it to him soon.  She inadvertently or so she thinks,  gets involved in a bank heist and is soon running from the law, with a handsome stranger, trying to get to her brother.  The colorful dialogue will make you laugh and the non stop action leave you breathless.  Excellent story and definitely worth reading.  Looking forward to reading more Bobby Faye Adventures. 


  1. I've heard of The Time Travelers Wife but only bevause of the movie. The others are new to me. Charmed and Dangerous looks like it would be a fun one to read.

  2. Wish you luck with The Reincarnationist. I read it, but had too many issues with this book to keep going with the series.


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