No Technology Week - Posts to Ponder while I unplug

Three weeks into our summer vacation and it is time for an attitude adjustment so we are taking a  break from technology and unplugging for a week or so.  I'll leave you with a few posts to ponder while we are off writing, reading and playing.

James Scott Bell asks - Is there a writer inside of you?

Robert Gregory Browne's - Blank.  The importance of backing your stuff up.

Lady Glamis aka Michelle Davidson Argyle's book Cinders is now available at smashwords. 

I recently became a member of International Thriller Writers, Inc.  Check out the newest thrillers released in August.

There are many new reviews  posted on the SFF Masterworks Reading Project blog.  Check out Larry's latest on Fantasy Masterworks # 2 Lord Dunsany's Time and the Gods or  Harry's SF Masterworks # 2 Richard Matheson, I am Legend. 

I have yet to read Suzanne Collin's The Hunger Games or Catching Fire, but I'd be remiss in not mentioning Trish of Hey Lady! Watcha Readin's Official Mockingjay 13 District Blog Tour.   Are you team Gale or Team Peeta? 

…books are piled on our tables, spill in heaps from stuffed shelves, and lie about the floor and on chairs like spoiled pets. I have a miser's greed for books, and I pick them up at random to read a passage or follow an argument or inhabit a poem. I carry them from room to room, portable transitions of thought, of the past into the present, only to put them down in a maddening disorder. Guests sometime ask, "Have you read all these books?" My answer must be no. But they are there for me to read, or reread someday. If I am to have welath it is in my books, and when I regard their spines presed together on the bookshelves, observe the casual sculptures they make on a table, my spirit becomes cozily furnished.–Hillary Masters, In Rooms of Memory: Essays


  1. I love that quote at the end of your post. Thanks for the shout out about Cinders!

  2. Enjoy your time away!

  3. Hope you are enjoying your unplugged time.

  4. I think it's great to get away from all the tech stuff!!! We do seem to spend a lot of time on it don't we!?


  5. Sorry to be off the subject. This is a delete-after-reading message. We did a link exchange earlier this year and when my blogger ID changed, it went kapoot. I've got you back up there. My new url is bypen-or-bysword.blogspot(dot)com


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