Unicorn Pegasus Kitten painting and fan fiction contest! Whatever!!!!

Greetings Wil Wheaton peeps!  

For those who found my blog and this post through his tweet or storytime reading about Unicorn Pegasus Kitten, please go to

to read "Clash of the Geeks."  Thanks for stopping by.

For those of you who don't follow Mind Voyages, thought I'd let you in on a Fan Fiction contest surrounding a painting created by Jeff Zugale for John Scalzi and Wil Wheaton.  For the story behind the painting go to Whatever.  

Unicorn Pegasus Kitten


Artist Jeff Zugale

What's it all about!

The Unicorn Pegasus Kitten Painting was unveiled at the Phoenix Comicon over the weekend and   John Scalzi and Wil Wheaton, along with Subterranean Press introduced  in a contest to benefit the Lupus Alliance of America.

"Write a 400 to 2,000 word story describing the picture above. Any form of fan fiction is acceptable except slash. The winner of the contest will be paid for their story (10 cents a word), win a prize pack of books from Subterranean Press, and will have their story published in a special electronic chapbook featuring stories about the painting, written by Scalzi, Wheaton, Catherynne Valente and Patrick Rothfuss, to be published later this year, with profits to benefit the Lupus Foundation of America. E-mail the stories with the text in the e-mail to fanfic@scalzi.com by 11:59pm Eastern, June 30, 2010. One entry per person."

Go to Whatever for more information where you'll also find some amazing video of John and Wil performing "Don't Stop Believing."  And if you haven't been following these guys, you don't know what you've been missing.  

What do you think?  Think you could come up with a story about the painting?   I've never tried fan fiction before but maybe......

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