Family Life: Saturday Splash


Keep it simple sherlock or shurley or sally or silly - you choose the s word.

How do you like my new look? I'm a person who can't work in clutter, can't read when there are too many pretty things on a page, overshadowing the words, can't write with music going because it totally relaxes me. So, the blog reflects me. It was getting a bit cluttered and had been thinking of making a few changes, plus coming up with a new challenge blog. However, not in the midst of nano and starting a new class. Oh well.

I've been writing, however I don't know my word count because I haven't typed it up yet. I'm taking my laptop and notebook with me to work today and will work on that between customers. And because of the fact I have something else I want to do, it will be ultra busy. Murphy's law, you know. Paying customers - who can complain about that.

My online art history class - art from the ancients up to the 14th century just started and I have 36 pages to read this week, plus write up a couple short discussion papers. That will keep me busy.

Went to the doctor on Monday and my blood pressure was through the roof. Of course, I had just come from getting mammogram done and having your *books* squashed vertically and horizontally probably accounted for some of it. However, I've been bad lately - eating out a lot, drinking two or three pepsi's a day. Soooo.... I've given up my beloved Pepsi. I have discovered Snapple's Earl Grey Ice tea though - delicious yet expensive. Will also be brown bagging it and trying to exercise everyday.

Totally my fault and since I will be turning fabulous 50 in a couple weeks, am going to dedicate more time for physical fitness. Notice I didn't say schedule more time. I don't do well with schedules. Deadlines and goals work for me, but schedules no. I have to remain flexible. Which means less time blogging and being on the internet. I really don't want to give up anything. There is time for all. I just have to more judicious with my time.

Stay tuned for this weeks homeschool report, book reviews on "The Recipe Club" by Andrea Israel and Nancy Garfinkel and "Holiday Grind" by Cleo Coyle. I'll be updating my word count sometime this weekend and putting the word count meter up.

In Arnold's infamous words "I'll be back"


  1. I stopped drinking cola after I graduated from high school and almost immediately I lost 5 pounds. Not that I don't lapse now and then... ;)

    I like the new look!

  2. Looks great!! I wish I could give up pop...but I love it!!!

  3. Love the clean look around here! And good luck on the changes in real life too -- My free advice for the day: look for simple ways to add fitness to your day: park a little farther from the door of the store, use a hand basket instead of cart when possible, walk the stairs instead of taking an elevator . . . all these little things do add up.


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