Nano Update - Eyes in the Ashes

I'm writing away, kinds of in fits and false starts but plugging away. I'm at 7744 words right now. I figure if I write at least 2000 words a day (Stephen King does it every day), then I'll make it. I have to write it out first, because otherwise I sit staring at the screen blankly, then wander off to the internet. I just need to make sure to type up what I write the same day. That's what put me behind. I wrote for three or four days, then sat down to type it up. Takes a while to type up, especially when more ideas hit you while typing. I actually cheated a bit, printed out what I had and ran back through. Expanded every scene adding more detail. At least it helped with the word count. Forward only from here on out.

Since we started homeschooling, we have fallen into the pattern of taking a break from lessons during the two weeks of my Birthday and Thanksgiving. Each year, I swear we are only going to take a couple days, but it never works out. Something always comes up. So, this time I planning it. We are taking off from November 15th through the 29th.

James is also unofficially writing a story for nanowrimo. He is writing a fan fiction story about mario and luigi from the super mario brothers. He has been writing at least one or two chapters a day. He writes first thing in the morning after breakfast. Then he's been disappearing into his room at odd times during the day to write. He then comes out and reads me what he has written. He has numbered all his pages in his notebook which goes to 100. He plans to make the story that long. He's quite proud of himself. Once he's done, he wants to type it up and post the story in a blog.

My story is going well. I've introduced most of the players. I've left out a lot of backstory, frankly because I didn't think too much about it. The back story is presenting itself as things progress. I'm enjoying playing feisty Isabella off of the bitchy Ashley. I've thrown in a Irish grounds keeper and there will be other character introduced as the mystery moves forward. I keep thinking of scenes from different points of view so it's interesting.

I was writing scenes in my head while cooking dinner tonight and came up with such wonderful sentences, I had to stop and right down a few before I forgot them. Which worked well when I sat down to write because the notes turned into a mini outline.

So the goal for tomorrow is to reach 10,000 words. Now if I can just talk myself into getting up at 6:30 so have more time to write before I go to work. Wish me luck.


  1. I admire your perseverance!! Good luck tomorrow!!

  2. Good luck! Don't worry so much about how the backstory is going at this point--you can iron that out after you finish writing. :)


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