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Blew up my blog.

I unintentionally blew her up. Yep. If you think my blood pressure was high before, I think I just sent it out of the stratosphere. I was playing around with templates for setting up the Hugo Award challenge. Picked the wrong blog. Of course, I hadn't backed up in a while, so....

I'll be reconstructing from bookmarks and what not. At least I didn't lose my posts. I was getting slightly bored with the newspaper template. So guess now is the time to make major changes - whether I like it or not. I knew I should have waited until November was over before thinking about the Hugo award challenge blog.


  1. I know that must be really frustrating. I hope it's not too much work to get things the way you want them.

  2. Sorry to read about your dilemma, but I look forward to your new design. I am sure it will be brilliant!

  3. I didn't know you could blow up a blog. I think I need to find out what not to do. Hope it all comes together for you.

    I'm still rooting for you on NaNoWriMo. Keep those words coming.

  4. EEK! So glad you didn't lose your posts though!

  5. I just backed up my blog today!! Sorry this happened to you!!!

  6. Eek! That sounds awful!

    I hope things won't be too much of a pain/hassle to sort out!


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