Post to Ponder - It's Never Too Late

Reach for it - the sky is the limit

Robert Lopatin thought it was too late. As a boy, he had dreamed of becoming a doctor. But when he went to college, he gave up the idea. Instead, he went into the family business of manufacturing women's clothing. He stayed there for twenty-seven years! Then he and his father sold their business. If he wished, he could retire.

But then, at a friend's wedding, he sat next to a young man who had just finished medical school. Chatting with the new doctor made him think about his boyhood dream. And at age fifty-one, Robert Lopatin decided to become a doctor.

Today he is fifty-five. He graduated from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and is currently serving his residency at Montefiore Medical Center in Bronx, New York. And he's loving it--even the one hundred hour workweeks and the graveyard shifts.

"I feel like I died and was born again," he says.

You may have a dream in your heart that you think is too old to pursue. Another person may have told you that it's too late to do what you desire. But it's not. Writer Joseph Conrad published his first novel at age forty. Robert Lopatin will be in his late fifties when he begins to practice medicine as a full fledged doctor. Artist Grandma Moses started painting when she was seventy-five years old--and she still had a twenty-six year career. Pursue your dream, no matter how far fetched it may seem.

Excerpt from Success: One day at a time - John C. Maxwell

True story! Moral of the story - don't ever let anyone, including yourself tell you that you are too old, too young, not capable, not good enough, not worthy. Reach for the sky, baby. Reach for the sky.


  1. That was refreshing, thank you!

  2. Thank you for sharing that inspiring story! I sometimes think I need to pursue my writing career before I get too old or I'll run out of time! But your story demonstrates that we're never too old to pursue our dreams!

  3. Such a wonderful post and story! Thank you for spotlighting it. I do often feel like I am inadequate to fulfill a particular dream of mine but the story you quoted certainly gives one hope. :-)

  4. My life philosophy. Read some Joseph Campbell about following your bliss.

  5. Very true reminder. I love the picture at the top.

  6. I have lived this story and can vouch for the feeling...I started uni at 41 knowing I'd be nearly 50 by th time I got my B.A. I did it and at 49 am thinking what can I learn next! You're never to young/old/sad/happy/ to turn it around and do something new - thanks for reminding us all about that.

  7. Wonderful story, Robin. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Robin,
    This is a wonderful post and makes you stop and really evaluate your life and to realize that nothing is unattainable!! Thanks for the uplifting and inspiring story!!


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