Concisus libri recenseo

So many books, so many words, so much time

Time for some mini reviews because I read too many books, too fast and have too little time to give them all the justice of a long review.


Alice Kimberly's (aka Cleo Coyle ) Haunted Bookshop Mystery is wonderfully wacky and humorous and well worth the read. The bookstore ghosts helps the new owner solve a murder. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series.


L.L. Foster's (aka Lori Foster) first book in the Servant series introduces Garbrielle Cody, God's demon slayer and totally innocent when comes to men, has her hands full when Detective Luthor Cross becomes suspicious.

Book # 2 in the series and Gabrielle, God's warrior has fled to a different part of the city and been given a new task. Detective Cross is bound and determine to find out who and what she is. Lori is one of my favorite authors and she doesn't disappoint.


First Time author read and my curiosity has been satisfied. Written in first person point of view, which generally isn't my cup of tea if not well done.


Cindy Gerard's Black op series - Book # 2 follows Sam Lang and Abbie Hughes. One of my favorite authors and all her books are well written. Romantic suspense at it's best.


# 3 in Black Op series follows Johnny Reed and Crystal Debrowski as Crystal is targeted by a very ruthless white slavery trade and arms dealer.


  1. This is the story of my reading life. I read way too many books to do long reviews, so they are mosty short ones. Every now and then I will do a long review.

    Looks like you read a lot of series.

  2. Nice mini reviews -- and great idea for catching up. Especially for books that are older.

  3. Yowie, you read fast! Enjoyed these mini reviews.

  4. Personally, I dig these short reviews!!! I haven't read Foster but sounds like an author I would enjoy. Keep these mini's coming!!


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