Work In Progress Wednesday

Yes, I know this is Thursday. Yesterday was a hectic day filled with lessons, shopping for James new Webelos uniform and other things. James Pack is moving up the Webelos on Friday and they are holding the function in the park. Of course, our weather just turned and it's expected to be over 100. The joy of living in the Valley. However last night, Father was involved in working on his microphone preamp which freed up my evening. Instead of reading my new Nora Roberts book (major temptation), I wrote...and wrote...and wrote, then typed...and typed...and typed.

It's interesting. I compared my first draft of FOTS with Winter's Illusion and with what I'm doing now and see a big difference in my writing. The first draft has lots of backflashes, long paragraphs and not a lot of white space. Will probably end up rewriting 95% of it. Not a bad thing, because I'm enjoying the journey at the moment. Giving Samantha her voice and letting her tell the story. I may end up changing the title because it's turning into her being more deeply intune with her spiritual side and the spiritual nature of the world that I originally planned and not really floating on the surface.

I have to get ready for work, but have a question.

Have you ever started writing a story and discovered at some point, that the title doesn't match with what you've written. Have you ever started without a title or changed the title?

Thank you to Kate of The Lovers, The Dreamers and Me for hosting Work In Progress Wednesdays. It is helping to keep me accountable. If you would like to participate, post your wip entry and leave a comment on Kate's blog.


  1. That is great you avoided the temptation to read and wrote instead! Are you writing longhand and typing it up each day?

    I never write with a title in mind, unless it's just something generic to help keep track of everything. I'm horrible with titles and like to wait til the project is finished before coming up with THE title.

  2. Oooh. Congratulations on not being tempted away from writing!

    I'd say that I never write with a title in mind, but I've found that I do need a title (that's better than 'untitled'). Usually the title sticks, but there are a few where I'm neither happy nor comfortable with the title. I'm not sure whether that's because I haven't found the right title or because the story isn't what it's supposed to be yet. That's usually when the titles change for me: the story's changed so much that it's no longer applicable, like what you describe here.

    Very rare for me, though.

  3. Good for you for writing instead!

    Now you can treat yourself and read tonight. :)

  4. WIP Weds. a day late still works just fine:)

    As for your question - yes my current WIP actually started with a totally different title, but then as I wrote it the story changed just enough that the title no longer made sense, and I had to figure out a new one.

  5. The temptation to read tends to hang over me to, when I first sit down to write.

    As for titles, for my current WIP, I came up with 6 possible titles, and a couple weeks later realized the first one I had written was absolutely perfect for it. (And it still is - almost two years later). The title (which still might change - who knows?!) is: Through Charlotte's Eyes.

  6. Hi ya'll. Thanks for dropping by.

    I am writing story by longhand which is interesting. My thoughts seems to flow better. Then when I type it up, expand up what I wrote. I don't always end up typing it each day. I'm trying though because when do end up sitting down to type it all up, turns into a marathon session. Probably why I don't write every single day, more like 3 or 4 days a week. But it seems like I'm writing everyday. Does that make sense.

    Glad to here I'm not the only one who changes titles. Hadn't thought of waiting til story is actually done - probably a good idea. :)


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