Weekly Report # 26 4/20 to 4/24

I think we all had a case of spring fever this week which made it quite difficult to get anything done. We were all scattered - the same as the weather. We had a couple cool days, then two days over 90, then is cooled down again and rained. Our weird April weather happens every year, so not sure why it threw us for a loop. Must be the barometric pressure.

Explorer Bible Study: Discussed Genesis 10-11 about the tower of Babel and God's reaction to it.

Voyages in English: We only completed one section in Section 7 Punctuation and Capitalization but it was a good one: Titles of Books and Poems. It was an excellent reminder on how to write the Titles for books which I had completely forgotten about.

Each important word in a title begins with a capital. The first word and the last word are capitalized. Short words such as of, to, for, a, an, and the are not capitalized unless they are the first or last word of the title. Underline the title of a book.

Put quotation marks around the title of a poem.

I don't ever underline the titles of books in my posts because I don't have the option in the menu bar and I'm lazy, but just discovered code for underlining here - "Html for the conceptually Challenged." That's me, definitely and the site is very helpful and makes it all look so simple.

Spelling Workout C: Lesson 24 was a review of lessons 19 through 23.

Handwriting without Tears Cursive: Completed the book and James wrote the graduation Poem translating it from print to Cursive:

"I used to think cursive was confusing

I look back now and that's amusing

I learned it's easy to connect each letter

Now I write faster and my looks better."

Notice anything interesting about the poem. Seems to be missing some punctuation. Hmm! I'm contemplating whether to continue with the grade 5 cursive or printing book. James still has a habit of printing everything either in all capitals or all lowercase. However, I don't want him to stop doing the cursive. Just made up my mind and will get both.

Math: Finished My Book of Subtraction and ready to move on to double digits, addition and subtraction combined, and multiplication.

Science: James and Father read Chapter 2 of Galen - Galen's World.

History: In This Country of Ours read Chapter XIX "The coming of the cavaliers." The followers of King Charles tried to take over the colonies and tell them how to behave and act.

Cub scouts: We worked on several achievements including writing a couple of letters to relatives, getting facts for a job, and pretend shopping for a car for the family. I picked up the Sacramento Bee last Sunday thinking it would be really helpful because it is usually huge on Sunday's with lots of car ads. The paper seemed thinner than usual and found out the reason why. Not as many ads and sections anymore. The car ads was a section of dealerships and websites to check.

We went online to look at Saturn, Lexus and Chrysler. James decided he wanted to buy a PT cruiser for the family after we studied the various cars. Even though the interior is ugly as heck, that's the one he chose. He's not influenced by mom at all. Me, I'd like to have the Lexus at the PT Cruiser price. Oh Well!

Father took James through the process of what he does to find parts utilizing catalogs and the internet for his prototype design and had him help look up parts and write the part numbers down.

Last weekend James had the fun but educational experience of exploring a B17 airplane: The Liberty Belle. Now that I look at what we did during the week, we actually did get quite a lot done. Next week is an off week for formal lessons, but we will continue working on Cub Scout achievements.

Do not train children to learning by force and harshness, but direct them to it by what amuses their minds, so that you may be better able to discover with accuracy the peculiar bent of the genius of each.
-- Plato


  1. Looks like a good week, thanks for sharing it!

  2. I didn't realize you homeschooled, Robin. So do I! I enjoyed getting a peek into your week! Thanks!

  3. I love the Libery Belle. Thanks for sharing your week!

  4. Thanks for the report! I'd love to explore a plane like that, wow! And yes, it was nice here, too, but now it's raining, so I'm back at the computer, LOL.

  5. You truly are doing a great job!!!

    Thanks for the html challenged link!! I need that!


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