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I'm getting closer and the end is in sight!

I finally finished that one scene that was stumping me. I needed to look up information on police investigations and forensics. However, now Friday was my Internet free day, so what was I to do. I did it the old fashioned way. I plopped my butt down in front of our World Book Encyclopedias, started researching and writing notes in my handy dandy notebook. When I sat down to continue working on the scene, I had the information needed to complete the scene. Yeah!

I found it was so much easier having written notes, than trying to blip back and forth to bookmarked websites. So I completed that scene and another chapter. These were out of sync chapters that I had skipped during Nano in order to get as much written as possible. I finally got into the head of my villain and villainess, but will probably need to draw them out a bit more in the edit.

I'm back in sync with the story and the end is coming into sight now - I have two chapters to go, then will be getting into the climax of the story. I've been managing to complete 2 chapters a week so that will be my goal for this week. One of the chapters involves a major love scene between my main characters. They have known each other from years and now nothing stands between them any longer. I've been putting it off because wasn't quite sure how wanted to play it. In my reading, the past couple weeks, have been analyzing different love scenes. I don't want to be too graphic, but I also don't want purple prose either. Somewhere in between. I think I've figured it out. We'll see.

Even though I only managed to write 3 days this past week, it was productive. I had a slight distraction when I unintentionally blew up my blog, experimenting with different templates. The story is the next post down. Number wise I wrote 2469 words for a overall total word count of 77449. Perhaps I should put the counter back up in the sidebar since I'm progressing.

My goal is to finish the story by Easter and pretty sure I'm going to do it.

Head on over to Kate's and check out her progress and other participating folks. And be sure to congratulate Kate. She just sold a short story to Woman's World Magazine.

Hip, Hip, Hurrah!


  1. Thanks for the congratulations, Robin!

    And I love that you used "old-fashioned" research techniques, if I had an encylopedia set I might actually try that just because you are right, trying to keep track of all the bookmarked sites and flipping back and forth between them can get distracting.

  2. You are really chugging along! I am jealous of all you people who are almost done with your projects.

    I also agree that it is super helpful to see how other authors handle certain scenes and writing conventions in the books I'm reading. Hooray for learning by example!

  3. Sounds like you are making excellent progress!! I tend to struggle through the writing process and really enjoy the editing and revising phase...of course I must write before I can revise :D With two small children, it's always a bit of a struggle :) but it's such a joy to look down and realize I've added a few more words to my WIP :) Congrats on being almost finished!

  4. Good for you. I know this break through must feel exhilarating. I am enjoying these weekly updates. After many decades of reading books I like that I'm witnessing the creation of a great novel from the inside. I'm sure it is a lot of work and don't want to make light of it, but this weekly sharing is fun - for me.


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