WIP Wednesday

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For the past week, I've worked on the two chapters I mentioned last week. I've been writing out things by hand and then typing it up later in the day or the next day. Surprisingly, and this is a good thing, it results on my expanding upon what I've written - ie higher word count. The other morning I tried the old method of sitting down at the computer and typing, versus handwriting. When I worked directly on the computer, managed about 500 words and when I wrote things out, at least 1400 words in the same period of time.

I finally sat down and wrote the love scene between my two main characters - Dom and Winter. Imagine if you will, trying to do this, with the sounds of my son playing his wii Mario brother's or watching 101 dalmations. "Hey mom, you see that? Huh, huh." Not exactly conducive to romance. I think it turned out pretty well, but will of course, need polishing during the edit.

I keep telling myself it doesn't have to be perfect now...just write it. However, that internal editor keeps popping up to say "perhaps it would sound better this way or that." At any rate, I'm pleased with the result. Haven't quite finished the chapter, but anticipate doing so within the next couple of days.

My goal is to complete the first draft by Easter, which is 25 days away. I have one more chapter, before getting into the exciting part in which the Villain comes after my heroine. Oh, the drama - oh, the tension. Wish me luck!


Total words written this past week - 3443

Total words so far - 80,882


  1. Good luck on finishing by Easter - you can do it! That is a great word count for the week too!

    And I know what you mean about trying to write with children in the background, that's why I usually work after my toddler has gone to bed for the night!

  2. How fun to hear of your struggle to write while the real world is around you, especially the love scene. I love the Romance genre but I've often wondered how writers actually DO it. Not IT, but write IT. The next love scene I read I'm going to be thinking about little boys and 101 Dalmations. Thanks for the chuckle.

    Good luck on your Easter goal.


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