Weekly Geeks # 3 - A Quote A Day

Pushing An Author

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# 3 Zion Covenant

Bodie and Brock Thoene

Excerpt - Chapter 1

"Living Windows

Germany 1938

"Throughout this terrible night, the soft glow of the moon illuminated the stained-glass windows that ringed the cupola of the Great Synagogue of Nuremberg. Windows crafted four hundred years earlier told the story of the seven days of creation, of the fall of man, the great flood and the waters that carried the ark of Noah. Bright panels of color and light wound around the gilded dome, wordlessly displaying the history of the Torah. Generations of children had memorized the stories by sight as they sat beside their swaying fathers in the sanctuary below. Little boys craned their necks to ponder the image of father Abraham offering his son to God on the altar of Moriah while the ram God had provided struggled in the thicket.

Would Abraham really have plunged the knife into Isaac?

The vision of faith made sons tremble beside beside their fathers.

Would Papa plunge the knife into me?

Sibling squabbles took on new meaning as children contemplated the glass panel depicting Joseph in his coat of many colors being sold into slavery by his brothers."

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