Weekly Report # 18 2-9 to 2-13

Life as we now has to returned to normal, well semi-normal. Father is returning to work on a limited basis on Monday and Fridays. His last appointment showed his leg is healing slowly but surely. He still needs to wear the removable boot cast. However, the Doctor says he can start walking without it, just pay attention to pain and discomfort levels and put it back on when needed. We decided he will wear it all the time at work since he will be on his feet a lot. He has been managing to go long periods without wearing it here at home, but it is still painful. I went back to working Tuesdays and Thursdays only which makes me quite happy. We will be doing lessons Monday through Thursday with Friday being our catch-up and field trip day.

What we accomplished this week:

Explorer Bible Study: Started Lesson 3 but unfortunately didn't finish it. We will redo the whole lesson next week. My plan was to do the bible study every morning, including the mornings before I go to work. I was slightly disorganized this week what with going back to the old schedule and we just didn't get to it.

Voyages in English: Finished Unit 4 about Verbs.

Spelling: Completed Lesson 17 Suffixes added to Root words

Cursive: Worked on X, Q, Z and translating print to cursive.

Writing with Ease: Week 3 was all about identifying central ideas and actions. We read two excerpts from Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, which were quite amusing and had me laughing having never read the story before. Completed the copywork and narration, skipped the dictation this week. Part of that morning disorganization thing. Working on a smoother implementation of morning work for next week.

Math: More subtraction from Kumon Workbook. Plus Father made up some worksheets with addition and subtraction and taught James about borrowing and carrying.

Science: James and Father finished the last three chapters in Archimedes.

History: We read Chapter XII about Sir Walter Raleigh in This Country of Ours and discussed.

Cub Scouts: We worked on Achievement # 6 Taking Care of the Planet. The lesson was all about electricity. Since we got the new refrigerator, Father and James started tracking our electricity usage and we all discussed energy conservation. Father explained how much electricty we could save by turning off lights and also by replacing our old chandelier. Of course, that lead into a math lesson while they discussed past usage versus current usage.

James finished his WII game Super Mario Galaxy and saved Princess Peach. We had purchased the Super Mario Galaxy official Prima Game Guide which is 336 pages of information on how to play the game. He had been studying the guide everynight and telling me what steps were necessary to play certain sections and how to save Princess Peach. He loves the game guides - they are so chockful of information. So he saved the Princess and opened up a new galaxy. It looks like once you finish the game, it unlocks luigi and you get to play the game again. However, in this version Luigi never stops so it will be much more difficult.

I just have to remember to set the timer when he plays. Otherwise he gets involved in that, I get involved on the internet and before you know it, 2 or 3 hours has passed. We discovered WII has a nifty little feature that gives the history of how long you have played each day. That was an educational moment.

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  1. Looks like a great week! It is so easy to pass several hours on the Wii and the internet. Thanks for sharing.


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