Book Review # 22 - For Her Eyes Only

For Her Eyes Only


Cait London

For Her Eyes Only is the 3rd and final book in the psychic triplet trilogy by Cait London.

Back Cover: "The oldest and most powerful of the Aisling triplets, Leona has always been the one most devoted to denying her gift...until now. When she begins to see murky vision of the crazed killer who has targeted her sister, she can't ignore her powers any longer. This evil man not only threatns her family, but is also coming after her. Yet until she can see him clearly, she realizes that the man dead-set on destroying her could be anyone, even Owen Shaw. But when the handsome, rugged newcomer begs her to use her powers to help her troubled sister, how can she say no? She should stay away from him, but the strong attraction,the undeniable hunger she feels for his body, won't let her escape. Leona will have to summon every ounce of her power--and her passion--if she wants to live to see another day."

Leona, Tempest and Claire are triplets, born 3 minutes apart. They each have inherited psychic abilities from an ancient seer, Aisling. Claire's story is told in At The Edge, continuing with Tempest's story in A Stranger's touch and concluding with Tempest in For Her Eyes Only. Leona is the first born and a clairovant. She has denied her powers since she was a child because it made her feel uncomfortable. Tempest and Claire have found protectors, but Leona has no one. Her husband died in a avalanche five years earlier and she lives alone. She tries to avoid looking in mirrors because everytime she does, she is haunted by the image of Aisling. She is reminded that an evil presence still exists and is out to get her. Leona must embrace her psychic abilities in order to fight against this evil.

Enter Owen Shaw, who recently moved to the area. His sister hears spirits talking to her, someone she calls 'him'. The 'him' is the evil one who has been trying to kill Leona and her sisters. Owen starts to take his role as protector a little too seriously and wants Leona to stay out the picture and let him battle the evil one. Leona is stubborn because it is her fight and
joins forces with Owen in a battle for their lives.

To me this is not a stand alone book - it is the conclusion to the story started in book one and two. I recommend reading them first. For Her Eyes Only as well as the other two books are very well written with three dimensional characters. You are drawn into the life of the triplets, how they handle their psychic abilities along with falling in love. I look forward to reading more stories by Cait London.

432 Pages
Avon Publishing
Released September 30, 2008
Paranormal Romance

Applies to 100+ Reading Challenge, Romance Reading Challenge and Series Challenge Season Three.

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  1. Alright! I need a couple more psychic fiction books for the 999 Paranormal Reading Challenge and this trilogy looks interesting. I'll give it a shot!


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