Meme - Interview Me

Interview Me!

Amy at My Friend Amy posted a meme that has been going around the blogosphere. You are asked 5 questions about you, completely made up by another blogger, namely Amy, in this case. Naturally I wanted to play curious what 5 questions she would ask. Are you ready to learn more than you ever wanted to know:

1) What is a book that changed the way you thought about things?

I would have to say it wasn't just one book, but two books that changed how I think about things . I found this book several years ago: "The Introvert Advantage: How to Thrive in an Extrovert World" by Marti Laney. Excellent book and filled with "wow, that's me!" moments. I used to wonder why I would get so cranky and tired after spending time with people or at a function or work. According to Introvert Advantage

Introverts feel drained by having their physical space intruded upon. It takes energy for them to be around people even if they aren’t interacting with them. Children also need extra breaks during highly stimulating activities. In our Western Culture, where extroversion is valued and many activities for children are group experiences, it is extra important for introverted children to have time alone. Being in a bad mood is often a sign they need time out.” Not only children, but adults as well (like me!) I have noticed the need for time outs for me more as I get older. The book was very enlightening and taught me how to cope as an introvert.

Another book I discovered that changed how I think about things is "Upside Down Brilliance: the Visual-Spatial Learner by Linda Silverman. This is an amazing, awesome book because I discovered something about myself, I am a visual spatial learner.

“Do you know things without being able to explain how or why?”
“Do you solve problems in unusual ways? “
“Do you think in pictures rather than in words?”

“Dr. Linda Silverman coined the term “visual-spatial learner” in 1981 to describe the unique gifts of people who think in images. They get the big picture because they see the world through artists’ eyes.

It was an eye opening book. Doesn’t everyone think in pictures? I have always thought in pictures and didn’t realize that it was different. No wonder I was bored by literature that was poorly written. While reading I literally see and get into the story. No wonder I had been so darned bored by classroom lectures. Both these books were enlightening and taught me a lot about myself.

2) If you were on the Academy Awards committee, which movie would you have nominated for Best picture from last year?

I would have nominated "Wall-E" for best picture. Wall-E was created by Pixar Animation Studios. They are also the ones who created Toy Story, Cars, Monsters Inc., and the Incredibles. I love their movies because they are truly entertaining and beautifully done.

3) If you could only have one dessert for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Breyers all natural Chocolate Ice Cream - YUM!

4) How would you describe yourself in six words?

Optimist, organized, happy, faithful, loving, and stubborn

5) What's your favorite guilty pleasure book, genre, or author?

Hmm!!! Well, I don't feel all that guilty about it but would have to say Paranormal Romances. Some of them can get pretty steamy. They aren't the kind of books that you can read while your curious child is hovering around. Especially when he suddenly leans over your shoulder, takes in the words on the page instantaneously with his photographic memory and asks "Mom, what's ****** mean?"

Would you like to play?

Leave me a comment saying, "Interview Me." Please include your e-mail address if it isn't in your profile. I will email you five questions. (I get to pick the questions - I promise to be nice.) Update your blog with the answers to the questions. Please include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post. When others comments asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions. And so on and so forth.....


  1. You got some great questions! I've been really loving this meme. It's such a great way to learn about each other!

    And why is it that kids know just what words to zero in on!?

  2. Original Wisdom changed the way I thought about things, in that it portrayed cultures where being introverted isn't a bad thing. It resonated with my quieter way of being. It was a lovely read.

    If you wouldn't mind, please leave a comment with 5 interview questions for me. Preferably related to the vast universe of art... which leaves a lot open.

  3. I love your answers! Thanks for playing along! I like paranormal romances, too. :)

  4. Stage and Canvas,

    Wow - the vast universe of Art. That does encompass a lot. I came up with five after reading your blog for a while. I had some questions in mind, but that changed after reading your one word memes about plays, etc.

    1) If you could go back in time - what year would you visit and why?

    2) Out of all the worlds you have read by science fiction authors - which one would you chose to live on?

    3) Who is the one painter whose work you have not seen in person yet, that you would travel anywhere to see?

    4) If you could interview Michelangelo - what would you ask him?

    5) How do you picture the face of God?

    Have fun!

  5. I liked Wall-E too, though I have to say that my favourite Pixar movie is still Nemo :)


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