Musing Mondays

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about bookmarks… What do you use to mark your place while reading? Do you have a definite preference? Do you use bookmarks, paper, or (gasp) turn down the pages? If you use bookmarks, do you have a favorite one?

My Musing Monday was delayed by the delivery of this: Our new Amana refrigerator to replace our energy guzzling 1972 year old refrigerator. In the midst of replacing the old refrigerator which hadn't been moved in I don't know how long, dust bunnies galore took over my kitchen. All is once again right with the world and life will go on as we know it. We just have to get used to the fridge opening to the right, which is actually the correct side with the opening facing the cabinets. For some unknown reason, the old fridge doors opened the opposite direction away from the cabinets and we just got used to it. The delivery guy looked at me strangely when I asked about reversing the doors on the new one. Can you blame him?

AHEM - Back to our regular programming schedule: Bookmarks.

Generally, I use bookmarks that I get from my local used bookstore - Book Lovers Cafe. Brad gets all kinds of promotional bookmarks for Brenda Novak, Allison Brennan,etc. so I grab a few each time I'm in the store. They do have a tendency to disappear, so I may grab whatever is handy - which may be a napkin or part of an envelope, piece of paper, a sticky note, one of those magazine ad things that are constantly falling out of the magazines, a nail file, or even a picture.

Yes, a picture. Sometimes pictures from the picture drawer or photo album appears on the desk or the end table and I'll grab it until I can find the bookmark. ( I have a picture gremlin - not me say's he's responsible) Makes for an interesting memory moment each time I open the book. James found one of me, my mom and my aunt when I think we were at Disney world. It was pre Father and pre James, so it's hard to remember that far back. I do remember having a good time though. It has the requisite storks and a railroad running in the background. Don't all amusement parks have those? Sorry, I digress. I used it while reading Cait London's For Her Eyes Only. Yes, you surmise correctly - a review will be forthcoming. Periodically, I will do a bookmark round up and put them all in one place. Perhaps I should do like MizB does and make a home for all my bookmarks.

So, do you have a home for all your bookmarks?


  1. LOL to your refrigerator story. I have moved stuff of this kind before and can well imagine the dust bunny colony.

    The pic of the promotional bookmark is great as well!

  2. Enjoy that new fridge! Whenever I am missing a note or receipt all I usually have to do it check a book and I find it.

  3. Yay! A new fridge! :)

    I love those promotional bookmarks by authors. But sadly, our local bookstores rarely distribute them so the few ones I have are actually sent by the authors after I asked from them.

  4. I like the idea of using a photo as a bookmark :)

  5. Wow!! Cool refrig. And what fun to discover old photos in your books.

  6. I'm jealous of the new fridge. Ours opens the wrong way and we haven't gotten around to fixing it yet.

  7. Hey I have that bookmark too! But I think I lost it.


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