The Sunday Salon - #5

The Sunday

I've been revisiting old friends, book friends that is. When Father and I got married, everything from my apartment was packed up and put into his garage. Including all my books. We simply didn't have enough room and so there they sat - until Father decided he wanted the shelf space back. We took them down and I put them in my bedroom closet until I had time to go through the boxes. Yesterday I pulled out a couple boxes, the 'A' box and 'S' box. Yes, I packed everything away neat and organized by last name of the authors. Except I didn't put them in the closet in alphabetical order - that would have just been too anal.

In the A box I re-discovered all my Piers Anthony, Douglas Adams and a few other A authors. I had completely forgotten about Anthony's series The Incarnations of Immortality. The books focus on the 5 incarnations: death, time, war, nature and war. In the first book On A Pale Horse - the main character shoots death and has to assume the office of death. I read these stories over 20 years ago (my how time has flown) and from what I can remember, they were quite interesting.

I also found and had forgotten about Douglas Adam's other books "Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency" and "The Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul" and "So Long, And Thanks for all the Fish" I have to thank my brother for introducing me to these books.

In the S box I discovered books by Christopher Stasheff and Clifford Simak and the long forgotten copy of Gulag Archipelago by Solzhenitsyn.

It will be interesting to go through the other boxes because it seems I have forgotten what I have. Can I blame it on old age and the fact I haven't look at them in 12 years times. Which also means I've probably forgotten most of the details of the stories, so it will be like reading a new book. So I'm setting a personal read it again challenge and will be slowly but surely dipping into the book pool. I have an eclectic mix of science fiction, fantasy, classics and what not.

I have so many books I won't have to buy any new books this year... NOT!

As Tigger would say "That's impossibible"


  1. I have some books in a couple of boxes that I know I put up onto the top of the wardrobe in what became my younger daughter's room in 1981! They are actually text books about Asian history and I guess a lot has happened in Asia since then and they won't be a lot of use. I just lack the courage to tackle them. There may be some novels amongst them. I wonder....

  2. Sounds like fun to rediscover old books!

  3. One of the benefits of getting older is finding books read so long ago they're new again!

    Enjoy all your "new" books!


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