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Today's Booking Through Thursday was suggested by Barbara H. and the question is: Do you read any author’s blogs? If so, are you looking for information on their next project? On the author personally? Something else?

Yes, I read authors blogs every single day. I have several listed in my sidebar for daily reading and others are bookmarked for weekly reading. I originally started reading authors blogs when I joined National Novel Writing Month in 2007 . I wanted to find out more information about writing, since I was and am a complete novice. I wanted to find out about their writing process, how they got their ideas, when and how they wrote, the foibles of writing and anything and everything about writing.

I started out by looking up authors whose books I enjoyed which led to finding their
blogs. They each have their own individual websites, plus most have joined with other authors and formed group blogs. I have learned a lot about my favorite authors and discovered new to me authors. In finding those author blogs, I learned more about them personally and professionally. I lurked for a very long time before joining in conversations on their blogs and they are always gracious and helpful. For the new to me authors, I have even asked for suggestions on which of their books I should read first and they have gladly given me recommendations.

The problem with these group blogs and all these wonderful new to me authors is my wish list keeps growing and growing. I am slowly working my way through all these authors books and enjoying every single minute.

My favorite daily reads are:

Brandilyn Collins at Forensics and Faith. She is starting to give suspense writer Ted Dekker a run for the money in the thrills and chills department.

Allison Brennan and Tess Gerrittsen at Murderati. They blog along with 10 other authors who write about mysteries, murder and marketing. I am enjoying the heck out of this blog - they are all very smart, witty, and interesting.

I searched out Cindy Gerard and found her blogging with 9 other romance authors such as Michelle Hauf, Helen Brenna and Debra Dixon to name a few at Riding With The Top Down. A marvelous group of women and fun!

Looking for Roxanne St. Claire led me to Murder She Writes and 9 other writers including Debra Webb, Toni McGee Causey and Deborah LeBlanc. (Allison Brennan blogs there on Thursday as well) They are also marvelous and interesting and fun!

I found Michelle Gagnon, author of The Tunnels and Boneyard (Great, great, great) at The Kill Zone blogging along with authors such as John Ramsey Miller and Kathryn Lilley. These guys are full of information and witty, too.

The internet and the advent of blogging has been and is a wonderful thing for readers, because we now have access to the authors we enjoy and exposure to those we don't know.

We should pose the same question in reverse to the authors.

Have you discovered a new reader today? If you have, what book would you suggest they start with?


  1. Odd, I thought Dark Pursuits by Brandilyn Collins was terrific, but I cannot abide Ted Dekker. Happy BTT.

  2. As the day progresses, I'm realizing that I should probably be making time to read some of the authors' sites.

  3. Geesh, if I keep adding all these great blogs I will never get any real reading done!!!

    Thanks for the list!

  4. Hi, I found your blog over at Life in the Thumb. Was interested to note you are currently reading Hercule Poirot's Christmas -- I just finished it back in January. (I'm currently enjoying a beautiful hard cover edition of 4:50 From Paddington -- to fulfill one of my reading challenges to read a book with time in the title)....

    Come and visit -- I enjoy reading and writing about books, although my blog is not a book blog per se.

  5. Thanks for the link to Murderati! I just stopped by and found something worth commenting about!

  6. Will check our your author links. I like when a group gets together to blog.

  7. This is a great post...I had forgotten about Michelle Gagnon. I met her at the Book Group Expo and she was wonderful to talk to. I keep forgetting to check out her books, so thanks for the reminder.

  8. I don't follow any group blogs. I should change that! Thanks for the links.

  9. I think we'll all tell anyone to start with OUR books, so that may not be a fair question. After that, it's a hard call. Based on the list you posted, I'm not sure who I'd suggest you read. If you want to know more about writing, there's a great editor team who blog at Editorrent about stuff you'd never think of. Stuff I was never taught in any of my writing classes.

    More writing stuff: Janet Reid, Kristin Nelson, Miss Snark's archives, and Nathan Bransford are all agents who write about the business side. (So is Jessica at BookEnds) This is the hard, ugly side of writing, but it's important stuff to know.

  10. Robin: I've tagged you for a photo meme, if you care to play.

  11. Thanks for the mention, Robin! Many of these are on my daily "must read" list too.


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