Book Review #23 - A Is For Alibi

The first Kinsey Millhone Mystery

By Sue Grafton

A is for Alibi is the first in a series of Alphabet Mysteries about female private eye - Kinsey Millhone. The first book in the series was originally published in 1983 and the latest book in the series has gotten up to T is for Trespass. However, the main character, according to what I've read has only aged 5 years and still lives in the internet free and cell phone free 80's. Check out Sue Grafton's website for details on the series.

Back cover: "Laurence Fife was a slick divorce lawyer and slippery ladies' man. Until someone killed him. The jury believed it was his pretty young wife, Nikki, so they sent her to prison for eight years. Now Nikki's out on parole and Kinsey Millhone's in for trouble. Nikki hires Kinsey to discover who really killed her husband. But the trail is eight years cold, and as the end is a chilling twist even Kinsey doesn't suspect--a second eight year old murder and a brand new corpse."

Nikki is freed from jail and asks the police to reopen the investigation into the murder of her husband. The chief sends her to Kinsey who agrees to investigate. Kinsey is kept busy driving here, there and everywhere following leads. She discovers another person had been murdered in much the same manner as Laurence and they had known each other. How well did they know each other? That was yet to be determined. The police didn't have any leads on the second murder and had filed the case away. Soon Kinsey's discovery of the 2nd murder leads her on a trial from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Suddenly a witness she discovered is dead and someone is hot on her trail.

A is for Alibi is well done and an enjoyable, entertaining, easy read and I'll be reading my way through the series gradually. Next up - B is for Burglar.

The edition I read was originally published Holt, Rinehart, and Winston April 1982.
Then Bantam published edition July 1987. Pages 214.

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  1. I really enjoyed this series. I lost track of it about letter H or I. I don't know why. I'll have to get back to it.

  2. I've never read these, but I'm pretty sure I would like them. But starting at the beginning of a serious that is 18+ is daunting. Maybe someday :)


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