Weekly Report #14

We had a good week. I am so pleased to say that James has chosen to join the Cub Scouts. Finally, something he is interested in doing. Every year, after Christmas the Boy scouts come round and pick up our Christmas Tree. And, every year for the past three years we have asked James: are you interested? The answer has always been no.

Well. This year I didn't ask. I arranged for the tree to be picked up and once James heard the boy scouts would be picking it up, he asked. Father said we would talk to whoever picked up the tree. I asked the young man when he came to the door about the group and he gave me a little info with a phone number to call. Surprisingly on Sunday, he came back with his dad and little brother with an application for the boy scouts. We talked briefly and "dad" says mom is the den mother and she knows everything so talk to her.

Father had an hour long conversation with the den mother and found out they have a den (group of 5 - 6) boys in the neighborhood. We found out the difference between dens and packs. They have den meetings every Tuesday and pack meetings once a month with all the dens. So we went to a den meeting on Tuesday. There were 5 other boys James age, 4 currently part of the group and another little boy trying to make up his mind if he wants to join. (The other little boy, by the way, has asked his mother to home school him - she and Father had a long conversation)

James had a blast!!!!! The boys are all from different schools and very nice. All have older parents like us. The boys embraced James right away and he the same. So today, we will be going out today to buy his cub scout uniform. We are going to start working on him earning all the badges so he can move up with the group to Webelos in May. I am thrilled!!!!!! (as if you couldn't tell)

Also on Tuesday, Father went back to the doctor for a check up on his leg and new x-rays. The x-rays show improvement with the bone growing back together and also forming new bone around the break. Unfortunately I didn't get a copy of the x-rays. They gave him a walking boot cast which is removable and told him to start walking on it which would help stimulate the bone growth.

When we got home, the boot immediately came off and we washed his leg and foot. And being the wonderful, loving, ever so accommodating wife that I am - I rubbed all the dead skins cells off. We discussed and decided he would stay off work for another 4 weeks, since he really can't carry anything at work, yet. We, meaning me, and my technicians are handling things just fine. Father has a couple electronic projects to finish and he will be taking full advantage of the time off to finish them. So between the doctor's visit, the tlc and the cub scout meeting, lessons didn't get done on Tuesday. Which brings me to what we did accomplish.

Proverbs: Worked on Memorizing Proverbs 13:1 "A wise son heeds his father's instruction, but a mocker does not listen to rebuke."
Sadly, Living Memory didn't arrive this week - Fedex for some insane reason decided it needed to go an even longer route and it traveled to Sacramento, then went back to North Carolina, and now it is winging back to Sacramento. We should have it sometime next week.

Math: Working on Subtracting 5's. Reviewed addition and Father did a bonus lesson with counting money and threw in some simple multiplication and division.

Voyages in English: Unit 4 - working on past and present participles.

Spelling: Lesson 13 completed

Cursive: More review and mastery

Chemistry: Read about Discovering Metals in Chemistry book. Father and James read 3 chapters in Archimedes and The Door of Science: 3 - Alexandria, 4- Archimedes and his lever and 5 - Archimedes and King Heiro's Crown. They also did a water density experiment.

This was a light week because it is normally the week we take off, but since it fell two weeks after our Christmas vacation, we continued. Father actually complained I didn't give them enough to do. Ho Ho Ho - just wait til next week. Then he'll be complaining I gave them too much.

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