National Delurk Week

Hello, How are you? I'm fine. So what are you up to today?

Did you know it's National Delurk Week. I didn't until today. Do you know how many people have been lurking on this blog. I checked the stats today and was very surprised to find

413 so far this month

Of that amount 307 of you are unique, 222 of you are first time visitors, and 85 are returnee's. That is an average of 45 people per day. Out of the 413, I have a total of 25 comments. So in honor of National Delurk Week, please say hello.

I even challenge you to make it a goal this year and I promise to do the same thing. That for every blog you visit, try to leave a comment. I'm guilty of hit and run, stopping by for a few seconds and zooming off again. It may slow your browsing down a bit, but it will make you stop, read and think about what you are reading. Engage your mind and join in the conversation. It's easy, even for an introvert.

If you are at a loss for something to say, tell me about what book you are reading or the last movie you saw or what subject you enjoy the most.

Thank you to all those who regularly visit and leave comments. Thank you all who visit and read my blog. I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day to stop by.

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  1. I read often, but only comment sometimes - so Hi!


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