Weekly Geek 2009 -01

"Weekly Geeks took a break for six weeks to give us time to honor Dewey, regroup and decide how to proceed. It takes a village to keep Dewey's projects going - and that's just what this blogging village (blogage?) is doing.

In the spirit of the amazing community building that Dewey was so good at, tell us about your favorite blogs, the ones you have bookmarked or subscribe to in your Google Reader, that you visit on a regular basis. Tell us what it is about these blogs that you love, that inspire or educate you or make you laugh. Be sure to link to them so we can find them too."

This is my first weekly geeks. I had been followed Dewey and the weekly geeks for some time. Yes, I lurked, but never joined. I am glad to see it is continuing and I'm getting off the fence to join in. For those who don't know how weekly geeks works, you can find out here.

I have a wide variety of blogs that I look at weekly, sometimes daily. They range from home school to book bloggers to mystery and romance writers. Five of my favorite blogs are:

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman
For those who have never heard of her, she helps her husband run a cattle ranch, as well as raising 4 children. She writes about anything and everything and is quite amusing.

Murderati - 12 mystery writers talk about mysteries, murder and marketing.

Murder She Writes - a recent discovery and now a daily read. A group of writers including my favorites: Allison Brennan, Debra Webb and Roxanne St. Claire.

Both Murderati and Murder She Writes are great websites for finding out how the authors come up with their ideas, the foibles of writing, the research, plus provide inspiration for aspiring writers.

Mental Multivitamin - I've been reading her blog for 3 years now. She blogs about books, art and life. She has introduced me to several books and authors that I wouldn't normally consider reading. Her motto is "Read - Think - Learn."

Should Be Reading - MizB hosts many challenges, weekly meme's and has read many an interesting book. The first place I learned about novel challenges and have been hooked since.

The Book Lady's Blog - Another recent discovery and now a daily read. She works in a bookstore and has many interesting humorous tales to tell, plus she is a avid reader.

If you want to see the rest of the blogs I read, scroll down the page to All About Blogs section in the side bar.

What blogs inspire you?


  1. Welcome to Weekly Geeks! I'm so glad you joined in.

    The photo on your header is gorgeous - did you take it?

  2. That is actually clip art I found in Microsoft Publisher. I was surprised too, but fell in love with it. Thanks.


  3. Love your links too! So many new places to go, so many new ideas. If my family did not insist on eating and such, I might have been at this all day!

  4. Welcome to Weekly Geeks Robin. I read a couple of those blogs too!

  5. I would like to know more about this site and how it works.

    I write about fish and wildlife and the absurdities of life. If you have an interest in humor and mysteries. Please take a look.




  6. I really enjoyed all the blogs you listed. Thanks for introducing me to some great reads!!!

  7. I think I will check out a few of those!

    Weekly Geeks is back!

  8. Welcome to Weekly Geeks! I hope you're enjoying it!

    I live in perpetual hope of winning one of Pioneer Woman's contests.

  9. Welcome to Weekly Geeks robin.
    I was looking at your list of challenges - that is awesome

  10. Thanks Everybody.

    Barry - for more info on weekly geeks go to


  11. Dear Robin,
    Thank you for including Murderati in your list of blogs.

    I know I speak for the group when I say, "We're truly honored."

    My best,

  12. Thanks for the shout-out! I missed this when you first published it, but I really appreciate it.


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