Sunday Salon #2 and Weekly Geeks # 2 and other stuff

Good morning from sunny California. Yes, it is sunny and warm - a balmy 68 degrees yesterday with more of the same today. This is winter, isn't it. Not that I'm complaining, but when it freezes for a couple days, then becomes so warm you are in shirt sleeves and shorts, your body gets confused. So do my plants. Some have gone dormant, others are thinking about it. My husband asks how can you possibly cut them back when the flowers are blooming. Snip! Snip!

This week in art history we are studying 15th century Renaissance art in italy which calls for reading pages 585 to 609 in Chapter 18, 628 to 644 and 647 to 656 in Chapter 19 and answer three discussion questions:

1) Chose an italian painting from the reading and discuss what tools of illusionism have been employed to give the work depth and convincing naturalism.

2) Discuss elements from the readings that provide information about artist training, patronage, and artistic prestige.

3) Finally, discuss the hidden, and not so hidden, symbols in Campin's Merode Altarpiece, Van Eyck's Portrait of Giovanni Arnolfine and His Wife, or Hugo's Portinari Altarpiece.

Now ask me if I have done any of it. Nope... Last week, I left it til Sunday as well and stressed the whole day while completing all the reading and answering the discussion questions. I swore wouldn't do the same thing this week. But I did and have no excuse for not following my schedule and now today I'm tired and brain dead from the long week.

Do I hear violins???

I'm halfway through "Distant Echoes" (#1 in Aloha Reef Series) by Colleen Coble. Interesting story so far about a marine biologist who trains wild dolphins and helping the military find out who's sabatoging missile tests.

I finished "Five in a Row" by Jan Coffey (review # 6) "Bad Faith" by Aimee and David Thurlo (review #7)) and "Unspeakable" by Sandra Brown (review # 8). Which means I've completed 8 out of 21 books for my Winter Reading Challenge and book # 3 for 52 Books in 52 Weeks Challenge. It isn't too late to join either challenge.

Click here to see participants book reviews so far for winter reading challenge and click on 52 books link to see participants book reviews.

Check out what is happening with the Weekly Geeks.
Joanne of The Book Zombie asks current participants what weekly geeks means to them and for those just joining, why did you sign up for Weekly Geeks? What would you like to see here?

I've been following weekly geeks for a while as a lurker, enjoying the weekly questions and perusing the answers. I found an eclectic group of book bloggers who enjoyed books and talking about them. It looked like fun, plus made me think. I virtually meet many interesting people and the weekly questions gave me ideas to blog about. In honor of Dewey, decided to quit being a lurker and join in for the new year. I'm looking forward to the different questions or activities each week. I may not always have the time each week to participate, but will certainly try.

Weekly geeks is having a mini challenge hosted by Carl at Stainless Steel Droppings in which you read one Science Fiction short story and comment about it. Carl has links to online short stories, so head on over to his blog and join in.

Rebecca at the Book Lady's blog is having a t-shirt give-a-way.

Take me to your reader

The instructions for entering the contest are:
  1. Leave a comment at Rebecca's blog describing the last time a book you were reading made you feel transported to another world. (Comments that say only “please enter me” will not be included in the contest.)
  2. Earn 2 extra entries for blogging about this giveaway and linking back to this post. (Be sure to leave a link to your post in the comments.)
  3. Earn 1 bonus entry if your post includes the picture of the t-shirt with a link back to the original site
Last, but not least - Pari Noskin Taichert over at Murderati wrote a great post about committing to one internet free work day each week. I think it is a great idea and trying to figure out what day to do it on. I have the tendency to go online first thing after breakfast with the intent to only be on one hour which wakes up my brain, then write or do homework or... Then I get involved in rabbit trails. I'll notice an interesting blog on someone's side bar and hop over, which then leads to not only reading their blog, but then looking at their favorite blogs listed in their side bar. Soon I'm getting lost going down various rabbit trails and forgetting where I started in the first place. Then it is time to start with James' lessons or go to work, or whatever and I've wasted a couple (well-more than that) hours online and accomplished nothing. My folks are always asking - you have so much to do - how do you manage to do it all? Sometimes I just let it go and don't. Now you know my secret. :)

I have to go do my homework now. Happy Trails!


  1. An internet free work day? Oh the horror!! :)

    I have that Coble book in my TBR pile. I really liked the Rock Harbor series.

  2. Robin,
    I hope you DO find a day to do it. I am absolutely loving the freedom it's creating for me-- a mental shift that cannot be underestimated.

  3. I totally understand about bunny hopping all over the internet. I always tell myself that I'm just going to get on for an hour and the next thing I know the machine is asking me, "You've been online for an extended amount of time do you wish to continue?" then I realize that I'm just a little out of control!!

  4. Welcome to the Weekly Geeks!!!
    Oh ... you're studying art history _ I LOVE art history. Good luck with it! :)

  5. I still tend to lurk but not purposly really I just tend to be shy and not know what to say but I am learning not to lurk as well.

  6. I couldn't handle an internet free day a week although I guess that would be good for me!


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