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Mid Week Musings

We've been having a technology free week around here this week and today is the first opportunity I've had to blog. James had been allowed to play way too much WII and have way too much time playing on the computer and just having way too much time in general with technological devices. I had been thinking about having him take a break for a week or so, which we do periodically. Then we allow him to play an hour a day, then eventually that turns into two, then three, etc, etc, etc... Then the attitude and attention span start to go and it is time to take a break. I admit I have the tendency to spend way too much time on the internet as well, so decided to take a mini break as well.

Sunday was a beautiful day. I returned from grocery shopping and instead of going inside and doing my homework, decided to take advantage of the beautiful day and take down the remainder of the christmas lights. Father and James joined me. Father is managing to limp around quite well with his boot cast, so he wrapped up the wires once I got them down. James helped but it was apparent his attention span had taken a hike, so the decision was made to have a technology free week.

No television - No computer - No Wii

I realized I had to set the example, so limited myself to using the internet only for business and school purposes. And if I wanted to 'play' it would be after he had gone to bed or for a few minutes during my lunch time at the office.

Mental Multivitamin did this wonderful post which she repeats at least once a year titled It all begins with me. Go ahead, I'll wait while you go read it.

She says it best: "
"With as much consistency as possible, I model the behavior and standards I want the kids to maintain. "

Wonderful huh! Admittedly we have had the stress of father breaking his leg and being around all the time, which has totally disrupted our rhythm, or rather my rhythm for the past two months. I am seeking to restore that rhythm and it seems to be working - slowly, but surely. I may just extend our technology ban another week.

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  1. Loved the link! Excellent idea but one that I would have a hard time adhering to!!


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