Book Review # 11 - Black Sands

Black Sands


Colleen Coble

Back Cover: "Volcanologist Annie Tagama loves her family with a fierceness that lights up her quiet exterior. But unseen forces seem to be tearing the family apart with the fury of the hot lava that seethes beneath their Hawaiian home. And the only person she can turn to for help is the man she blames for all the trouble. Mano Oana can't get past the guilt of what happened to his best friend on that devastating day in Iran. He's even taken leave from the Navy to make amends to the Tagama family and help them out of trouble for which he's partly responsible. But how can he get them to trust him when he can't even trust himself?"

I'm happy to say I liked Black Sands which is the 2nd book in the Aloha Reef Series. The story was very interesting and the main characters 3rd dimensional and it held my interest. I picked up the book upon going to bed last night and read about half of it while waiting for Father to come home from his Audio Engineering Society meeting. Then finished the second half this morning. I feel a lot better about the series now. I had read nothing but glowing reviews for this series and glad to say it has improved. The story gets very convoluted with several things going on, that in the end, are all connected.

Annie attempts to do her job as a Volcanologist - one who studies volcano's while trying to get past her fear from injuries suffered when she fell through the crust of the lava field and her feet were badly burned. In the past year, her brother died in Iran, her mother died supposedly from suicide and her sister has recently disappeared. Mano, who was on assignment with her brother, comes back to bring his personal affects, but also to apologize to Annie and her family for failing to save her brother.

The mystery ensues when Mano hears from the brother who is supposed to be dead and Annie is trying to find her sister. The police don't believe the sister has been abducted, but clues are leading to a mysterious cult who worship Ku and believe in human sacrifice. Annie and Mano's faith is testing and they are drawn together as they try to solve the mystery of her brother and find her sister.

The books in the Aloha Reef series are:

Distant Echoes
Black Sands
Dangerous Depths
Midnight Sea

The books also weave in the culture, scenery and history of the Hawaii, which is interesting in itself.

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