My Education

My education

Finished my final for Information Literacy class. I got 86/100 and 100 on all 5 quizzes. Not bad. It was only a one unit self study course but required by Excelsior. This quarter was a perfect time to take it since I was doing Nanowrimo. I basically completed the whole course this month. They kept sending email messages every few days reminding me I only had until December 21st to finish the final.

I have 6 more courses to complete with 6 units left for lower division and 12 units for upper division. If I'm diligent and take 3 courses in 2009 and 3 courses in 2010, I will complete my Bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts. And who knows, maybe when I'm done, will want to pursue a Master Degree.

I have registered to take Art 102 History of Western Art since the 15th Century which begins in January for one of my lower division courses. It covers art from the Italian Renaissance and 15th century architecture to 20th Century Cubism. It should be interesting and runs from January 5 through April 19th, 2009. We have Teaching Company's History of European Art dvd series which was quite educational and interesting to watch. So hopefully western art will prove to be too.

I am really enjoying taking the online courses, rather than self study. There are usually 15 students in the course and the discussions are always thought provoking. The course involves 4 quizzes and writing two project papers. I'll be steeping myself in art for the next four months and hopefully some of it will cross over into our home school studies. I can apply what I learn to teaching James more about art.

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