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Cait London

Back Cover: "Sexy Kyle Scanlon has always been a thorn in Rachel Everly's side, and his one goal in life seems to be tormenting her. Years ago, he came riding into town, opened up his mechanics shop, and went on to tempt every woman in Neptune's Landing, including Rachel's own sister, Mallory, whose tragic death Rachel has returned to sleuth out. Who was the monster leading her sister to destruction? All evidence points to Kyle, the one man Rachel would like to extract from her life. Rachel is certain he is responsible for Mallory's downfall, and she's determined to prove it -- even as she is drawn to the mysterious, dangerous man. But what if she is wrong? What if the secrets Mallory took to her grave, and the surprising clues she seems to give now, are darker than Rachel ever imagined? What if there is a different monster hiding in the shadows waiting to strike again? And could it be that Kyle Scanlon is the man who will save her?"

Mallory was once a foster child, unhappy and unloved. Twelve year old Rachel talks her single mother into taking in Mallory whom she befriended from school. The mother of two agrees and the girls grow up together and eventually grow apart. Twenty years later Rachel finds herself returning to their hometown of Neptune's Landing for Mallory's funeral. Mallory's life had taken a downturn and she committed suicide, leaving Nine Balls, a pool hall for women and teens to Rachel. Rachel moves in to Mallory's old apartment and discovers several mysterious clues telling a tale of deceit and treachery. Rachel is angry with Kyle Scanlon whom she felt should have done something. He reveals there were many secrets in Mallory's life and no matter how much he had tried, there wasn't anything he could do. There was a dark presence in Mallory's life and now it is after Rachel. Together Rachel and Kyle try to solve the mysteries left by Mallory, even though Kyle rubs Rachel the wrong way and they continually clash.

Flashback is a very good suspense novel with many twists and turns. It will keep you guessing. Cait London is a new author discovery for me. I first discovered her when I was introduced to the first book in her Psychic Triplet Series "At the Edge." The 2nd book is "A Stranger's Touch" and the 3rd book is "For Her Eyes Only." I haven't read the third book yet, but it is in the TBR pile ready and waiting. I thoroughly enjoy her writing and look forward to reading more of her works.

416 Pages
Avon Publishing

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