Booking Through Thursday - giving books as gifts

Booking Through Thursday asks:

Do you give books as gifts? To everyone? Or only to select people? How do you feel about receiving books as gifts?

Yes I do give books as gifts but not to everyone. If I know someone isn't a reader, I won't send or give them any books. They wouldn't appreciate it. Both Father and I come from a family of readers: I know what everybody likes to read and send them books in those genre's. Both my dad and father's dad only read non fiction, my brother and sister in law love science fiction, one sister reads mainly christian fiction, etc, etc, etc. They don't necessarily like books for every gift so I honor that.

But for this Christmas....

The surprise will be what books they get. Thanks to all the book bloggers out there in internet land, I've discovered a whole new array of stories.

I love receiving books as gifts. Since father can't go out shopping right now, I sat him down at the computer a couple nights ago, signed him into my private amazon wish list. He was concerned about buying something someone else had already chosen to buy me for a gift. I solved that by setting up a public gift list and private wish list.

I left him to it and kept hearing an evil cackling coming from the kitchen. He yells out to me. "Dear, what's the longest book ever written, the one with the most pages?"

Huh? He really can't keep a secret. So I guess I'll be receiving a really long book. Any guesses as to what that might be?"


  1. How funny about father! I can just see him in there "hunting" your list.

  2. A wish list is a good idea, but I haven't set one up.

  3. Wish lists are great! I usually add any interesting book into my most frequently used online bookstore's wish list.

    Alas, most of my family don't have access to internet.

    Hmmm. In my experience, most long books tend to be non-fiction.

  4. Father sounds delightful. LOL

    When you first asked what's the longest book ever written, I initially thought about The Bible (Old & New Testaments), but I know it's certainly not.

    So, I googled and came up with:

    Hope it points you in the right direction...and I hope you speak some French. LOL j/k

    In all seriousness, now I'm curious to see which book he nabbed for you.

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog! What a good idea with the Amazon gift list- I shall have to remember that for my birthday! Happy BTT!

  6. Ann-Kat and Robin ,
    My first thought was the bible too.

  7. Really long books? Clarrisa? War and Peace? The OED? I'm mainly buying books for christmas too this year to support the industry.

  8. I know it isn't the bible because I have quite a few already. Supposedly this one is longer than war and peace. I'll just have to wait and see. :) Will of course, let you know what I end up getting


  9. I've also discovered a ton of great new books by visiting the numerous book blogs on the internet!

    Haha! Whatever your book gift is, I hope you'll enjoy reading it. :D


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