Friday Book Buzz

The books I ordered from Turn The Page Bookstore Cafe arrived. Turn The Page is owned by Nora Robert's husband and specializes in her books, of course, along with mysteries, science fiction and Romance. What's nice about ordering Robert's books from her husband store is you can get them autographed before they are mailed out. I ordered:

Pagan Stone is book three of the Sign of Seven Trilogy. I climbed into bed last night around 10:30 and started reading it. Typical me thinks I'm going to read for a half hour, then lights out, but ended up reading until 12:00. Once this book is done, I will have completed all the books I planned for the Fall Reading Challenge. Yeah!

The latest in the Death Series by Robert's under her pseudonym J.D. Robb. I think this is number 27 in the series about Eve Dallas, a futuristic homocide cop.

Five in a Row by Jan Coffey. I've never read anything by her and it just looked interesting.

I managed to finish two books this week: Dark Light by Jayne Castle aka Jayne Ann Krentz and another chilling thriller by Karen Rose You Can't Hide. Yep, only two this week. In between working at the shop, taking care of father and James, trying to finish up my online college course, writing, blogging and basic everyday stuff, I didn't read as much as usual.

I did find another challenge which ties in with some of the books I had planned to read - the casual classics challenge which MizB of Should be Reading is hosting. Very casual in which you read 4 classics during 2009. I already planned on reading Seven Story Mountain by Thomas Merton. Anna Karenina by Tolstoy has been calling my name. It somehow migrated into our bedroom from one of the boxes of books stored out in the garage while Father was cleaning it one day. Not sure what the other two books will be yet. Have to peruse our shelves a bit and see what strikes my fancy.

I also completed reviewing Traceless by Debra Webb, Now You See Her by Linda Howard, and Left To Die by Lisa Jackson. Click on the books to see the reviews.

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