Writing Challenges and Goals

During National Novel Write Month,several writing moms, including me, over at Well Trained Mind formed an online social group. After Nano ended, we decided to continue as a creative writing group to provide support and encouragement. The group is called WLyHiOf which is short for "Writing Like Your Hair Is On Fire'. We have been discussing our writing goals for next year and I made a few decisions regarding mine.

The major part of the goal will come from novel writing. Right now, my goal is 1000 words a day while working on Winter's Illusion. Some days I go over and some days under. So I expect however much I write, it will average out to 1000 a day. Also, my college courses require lots of essays for which you have to be really creative. If its just a regurgitation of facts, I won't include. And let's just add a miscellaneous category, because you never know what may come up. Should I be tempted at some point to try my hand at a magazine writing contest, I'll include it.

My writing goals for 2009

Write 365,000 words for the year
Finish and edit current work in progress - Winter's Illusion
Edit and complete 2007 Nano novel - Floating on the Surface
NaNoWriMo 2009 - Already have a good idea for a story
College Essays

It sounds rather ambitious with everything else we have going on, but I think I can do it. As long as I am organized, diligent and take advantage of the time I have, it will work out. I'm going to post a goal meter on the side bar to keep track of my writing, plus give myself some accountability.

"Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart " - William Wordsworth


  1. I finally made it to your blog! What wonderful goals.

    I feel like I'm walking into a bookstore just reading through your blog. That means my blood pressure drops and I feel peace waft over me.

    Have a beautiful day.

  2. Yeah! Happy to see you, Paula. Wow-what a neat thing to say. Thank you very much.



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