Arizona Vacation

We're back! It was an interesting drive, pretty much a straight shot up I-5 - thanks goodness for cruise control. Crossed over to highway 99 via 46 through Lost Hills. Will never stop in Lost Hills again. We dropped by McDonalds for a bite to eat and have a restroom break. Flies all over the place, inside and out. Yeech! Continued up hilly CA-58 to Mojave and got to the Best Western Desert Inn around 8:00 p.m. Very nice clean place, right across from a very busy train track. Good thing we like the sound of trains.

I'm so glad we didn't decide to stop the night in Barstow. When we got back on the road in the morning, it was another hour's drive. I-40 was more of the same - straight shot up through the hills.

We listened to a couple audio story books by Jim Weiss - Giants and Uncle Wiggly. James is a good traveler but hates to stop until we get to our location.

We arrived at my folks house mid afternoon. My mom was just getting over that horrible bug that leaves you with a hacking cough. So we took it easy and had a wonderful, relaxing time.

The wind was blowing like crazy on Wednesday so we took it easy. Drove down by the Colorado River by Davis Dam. I got out to take some pictures and was almost blown away. We went over to Perkins for lunch and then over to Walmart to pick up some goodies.

Thursday, Grandpa, James and I went over to Lake Mojave and tried our hand at fishing. The wind was still blowing like crazy, but grandpa had promised James he take him fishing.

The fish were biting, but not in the mood to be caught. Twice, the buggers chomp off the fish bait and the whole hook. Then, when grandpa cut the bait into smaller pieces, they just nibbled those off.

We went over to the marina which is a protective area for the fish. On the way, Grandpa coached James on how to call the fish.

The fish hang out by the dock and beg for food. They swim close enough to pet, but if the ranger catches you, they will fine you.

Friday, we went over to Keepers of the Wild. It is an animal sanctuary for endangered animals such as lions, tigers, wolves, etc. Very interesting place started years ago by Jonathan Kraft. Most of the animals have been abused or abandoned by owners and brought to Jonathan to take care of. We went on a safari tour and one of the volunteer's, Sarah, told us about each of the animals. Check out their website to find out about some of them.

Saturday morning, my cousin came over with her adorable 7 month old granddaughter and we visited for a while, before taking off for home. We spent the night in Bakersfield at the Best Western Crystal Palace. Nice place but not very sound proof. We arrived home Sunday afternoon around 1:30. We had a good trip and it is nice to be home.

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