Arizona bound

Our bags are packed, we ready to go. We standing here outside the door.

Oh, sorry. I seem to be channeling "we leaving on a jet plane". We've said goodbye to Father and he has gone off to work. I'm finishing my lunch while James watches "Charlie Brown Thanksgiving". Why is he watching cbt? He saw a preview at Target yesterday while we were looking at videos and decided he just had to watch it before we leave.

We are taking off for Bullhead City, Arizona to visit my parents, just a mother/son trip. Never done it before so should be interesting. It is a nine hour drive so decided to split the drive in half. We will stop tonight in Mojave and stay next to Edwards AFB. Then tomorrow continue the rest of the way. And I will have my trusty Kodak camera so will take plenty of pictures.

What books am I taking you ask? Why Brisinger, of course. And if I managed to finish it, I also have A Ghost in the Machine, a Chief Inspector Barnaby Novel by Caroline Graham and one of the Martel Harper Challenge Books The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie. You think I'll finish those all in a week? Probably.

Now I just have to go entice the cats to come back in the house so we can leave.

TTFN - Ta Ta for now as tigger would say.

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