Weekly Report #7

Weekly Wrap Up

Proverbs: We read 1 Warnings against enticement and rejecting wisdom and 2 moral benefits of wisdom and discussed the meanings of all. We are using The Adventure Bible by Zonderkids in the new international version. It has great "Let's Live It" sections and the one for this section is "Think before you act." Which is beneficial for James because that is what he needs to do. It suggests you count to five and ask yourself 5 things before you act.

1) Is it right?
2) Is is good?
3) Is it helpful?
4) Would my parents approve?
5) Would God approve?

If you answer no to any of the questions, stop what you are doing. I had him write the 5 questions down (in his best handwriting) and we will post it to his wall.

Cursive: He finished the 3rd grade cursive book and did an excellent job.

Spelling: Completed lesson 8 about consonant blends.

English: Completed 2.7 and 2.8 Plural Possessive Nouns and Irregular Plural Possessive Nouns. This was a great lesson for Father and I as well because neither one of us remembered the rules for Plural Possessive Nouns. Father said because he simply doesn't write that way.

Example of Plural Possessive Nouns:

"Mom washed the girls' bicycles"
"Daddy tripped over the babies' toys."
" The players' uniforms were blue and gold."
"All the marching bands' performances were great!"
" The drummers' drums were really huge!"

I think I try to avoid writing sentences like these and that's why I don't use the plural possessive very often. Or maybe I have just been doing it wrong. Hmmm!

Math: Took a break this week since we finished the addition book and the subtraction book didn't arrive yet. Father made up a couple worksheets and taught James some easy subtraction. Got it right away.

History: In TCOO we read How the Flag of France was Planted in Florida. This was an interesting story that I hadn't remembered. The french sailed to Florida and then went up the coast to what is now South Carolina. 30 men were chosen to stay and start a colony. The ship returned to France with news of the discovery and would return with more people and food. The colonists built a fort, but unfortunately didn't have any experience in farming. They relied upon the natives for food until they didn't have anymore to share. When the captain didn't return, they built a sail boat (non of the men had boat building experience) and set sail for france. They got lost at sea, adift in a sailboat, when the winds died down and didn't start back up for a long time. They ran out of food and had to resort to eating one of their own.

James didn't like the part about canniblism at all and went into a full out, hands over the ears, lalalalala, I don't want to hear this mode. Father wasn't too terribly thrilled when I told him about the chapter, either. My men are so squeemish!

Chemistry: Father and James covered the chapter on elements and read Chapter 11 A Revolution of Names in Mystery of Periodic Table. Ch 11 was about Lavoisier developing a new system of names for the elements. Plus discovered why he was arrested and put to death. The charges: he was guilty of adding water to tobacco, of building a wall around Paris to the detriment of the people's heath, and of collecting excess taxes." (pg 71) These were all considered trumped up charges simply because he supported the King during the French Revolution.

James finished the 20 books he needed to earn King Kong versus Godzilla and the movie arrived on Tuesday. He has enjoyed watching the movie this week.

No lessons next week - we are off to Arizona on Monday.


  1. Hi! Thanks for visiting me!

    I like your 5 questions! I hope you dont mind... but I wrote them down and plan to share them... *Ü* Great mental list to memorize...

    You had a very nice week...


  2. On the plural possessive nouns: I don't write that way either. If something doesn't "sound' correct-I avoid it.
    You always have wonderful weeks to share. I'll miss your report next week, but I hope you have a wonderful trip.
    The "squeamish" men part is a little bit funny, especially since James was so interested in guillotines a week or so ago. :)

  3. Enjoyed your blog! I love the 5 questions from your Bible studies. Have a wonderful trip next week!

    Melissa (partyof5)


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