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Lisa over at Lisachaos has the most amazing photographs this week. The macro shots of the fuzzy worm are astonishing.

Dewey over at The Hidden Side of the Leaf is giving away spooky halloween books given to her by the Hackette group. Head on over to her site to sign up, but you have to do it by 12:00 p.m. PST.

And she is also hosting The 24 Hour Readathon

which begins tomorrow at noon GMT. Gargantuan Books has set up a site where you can find all participants and cheerleaders. Check them out tomorrow and cheer on the readers. No I'm not participating, but will unofficially cheer on a few tomorrow.

Check out the weekly reporters and find out what they have accomplished this week.

Brandilyn Collins blogs about a Nebraska Legislator's lawsuit against God. Yes, you read that correctly. A legislator filed a lawsuit against God; fortunately he lost.

The Anchoress has some interesting commentary about "Joe the plumber." Does Joe represents the common man and if he does, why are people working so hard to discredit him.

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