Book Review - Sinner

A Paradise Novel


Ted Dekker

Rating: *** good

Description: Sinner is the story of Marsuvees Black, a personification of raw evil who speaks with wicked persuasion far more destructive than swords or guns. Beware all who stand in his way. It’s the story of Billy Rediger and Darcy Lange, two unsuspecting survivors of a research project gone bad, who discover that they are quite extraordinary, perhaps the two single most powerful souls in the land. Listen to them or pay a terrible price. And it’s the story of Johnny Drake, the one who comes out of the desert and leads the 3000. Follow him and die.

Sinner is the 3rd and final story in the Paradise series. Showdown is the first and Saint is the 2nd. The story is well done and interesting, but the characters are lukewarm at best and the action doesn't pack the powerful punch that the first two did. In Showdown, you positively felt the evil of Marsuvees Black. Unfortunately, I didn't get the same impression in Sinner. The message was the most important factor in the story: Don't take your freedom for granted.

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