Book Review - Brink of Death

Brink of Death
Hidden Faces Series


Brandilyn Collins

Rating: **** awesome

Back Cover Excerpt: "Annie Kingston moves to Grove Landing for safety and quiet--and comes face to face with evil. When neighbor Lisa Willit is killed by an intruder in her home, sheriff's detectives are left with little evidence. Lisa's daughter, Erin, saw the killer, but she's too traumatized to give a description. The detectives grow desperate. Because of her background as a courtroom sketch artist, Annie is asked to question Erin and draw a composite. But Annie knows little about forensice art or the sensitive interview process. A nonbeliever, she finds herself begging God for help. What if her lack of experience leads Erin astray? The detectives could end up searching for a fact that doesn't exist. Leaving the real killer free to stalk the neighborhood...."

Brink of Death is an awesome story with lots of suspense, action and courage. It is written in the first person perspective of Annie Kingston with a few scenes from the villian's point of view. I highly recommend it - but don't start reading it before you go to bed. It will keep you up until you finish it.

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