Fun Time

Rock park

We went to a different park on Friday that is across town. It is a neat place with a sizable play area, picnic area, tennis court, soccer field, and big rocks to climb. It was early afternoon and at first no one was there. James has fun wherever he goes - whether anyone else is there or not. He's quite good at amusing himself.

He went rock climbing

I did it Mom!

Oh Man, how do I get down?

After a while, a little boy and his father showed up. He was the cutest little kid. When I asked him how old he was, he gestured from his feet to his head and said "this many". He had a high pitched giggle like a cartoon character and was very happy. He wanted James to play with him, so James plopped down in the sand with him and played trucks.

The little guy followed James around on the play equipment and they did the swings together. It was cute to see.

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